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    yamyest to use with other Field of View settings, you'd also have to change the Field of View in the Revit camera. This should be possible, but we haven't tried it so far.

    This is just meant as a workaround, as the ability to create renderings identically to your Revit view is being requested rather rarely.

    Can you give me an example for why exactly you'd require this feature? I can then file it as feature request.

    Hi Kaj

    I think Enscape just needs a 'match Revit FOV' option to snap between the current view, a bit like the view 'home' key.

    This feature is very important as any compositing between Revit, Enscape and other add-on renderers need to exactly match the FOV and view aspect.
    At the moment, to overlay the view originally created in Enscape at 14.5deg there is a slightly clumsy workaround, adjusting manually to approx 50deg!

    Hi that's correct, seems to be a Revit issue:

    • R18 water works fine - with all the different types (sea, pool etc...)
    • R19 water is just a flat reflective/transparent surface - no options for wave height etc...


    just an observation,

    the rather nice Enscape water doesn't seem to work with Revit 2019

    The name and description of the AEC material is 'water' is there a

    way to make this work?

    Will the advanced water controls make their way to Revit users?

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Micha - I played around with the bump, often late Georgian/early Victorian pointing is flush or proud as it is a bit rough.
    I did add a subtle recess to the latest version on my website.

    Ted - I didn't want to spend an age in post - a high quality tree rpc would be SO amazing, please point me towards this!

    Thomas - you are right - my ideal final pass would be shutters, curtains and dirt, leaves etc for the pavement.

    Hi there, this is my first time in the showcase.

    Here is a preview of one of my projects that just got planning and listed consent!

    It is a new basement for a Grade II listed Georgian House in London.

    White card images also attached for comparison.

    I'm a rookie, so all feedback welcome!

    Hi - massive +1 to this feature - it would be killer, the textures, the shadows, true, scaled elevations!

    (The workaround is a bit tedious) What would also be good is to have true axonometric / isometric projections,

    as the forced verticals on the perspective view is a distortion.

    Hi - great work guys - any plans to get the additional parameters of the R2019 advanced materials to update in Enscape?

    Also got to ask this - could be separate thread though - ambient occlusion,

    could there be a slider for ultra-high quality for those willing to wait longer for a render I.e. more bounces / computation?


    I use custom skyboxes - a great feature would be to change the height (as well as the rotation)

    of the built in backrops and custom skyboxes for added realism of horizon position.

    Wow. This looks awesome, I’m wondering how Revit could approach this level of realism though as it doesn’t have a Specular map (I can’t find one) and a plug-in for randomising seamless textures etc...

    Hi there, decals seem to work, but the 'Luminance' setting has no visible effect in Enscape.

    If anything, it makes the image appear darker, during the day or night. Help!