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    So again, I would like to point out that Enscape is extremely cool and powerful tool that is greatly appreciated. As a Revit user I was working with 3Ds max and Vray as an addition and render solution. Even thou more powerful then Enscape this max-vray solution is way more time consuming and more complicated than staying in Revit and illustrating with Enscape. One thing that I have noticed is that Sketchup Enscape is getting more powerful and with more options that Revit version. This has probably something to do with Revit being a massive dinosaur that is as great to work with as an architect, but it lacks the lightness and finess for concept and illustrations. This is probably a tread for Revit forum but is it just me or are there other jelly or frustrated Revit users out there?

    Have you seen the amount of bad examples of Revit-Enscape renderings and scenes, ugh.

    - Model handling

    - Material options and interface

    - or even number of Revit/SketchUp Enscape tutorials on YouTube

    generally , render quality in sketchup is better than revit . i'm too using revit and i have this problem