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    The Oculus Go had the ability to view 360 stereo panos through an app called "Oculus 360 Photos." Apparently this app was removed from the Quest and Quest 2.

    Is there another way to view 360 panos, either on the Oculus devices or any other untethered headsets at the moment?

    Thanks for any information anyone can provide.

    I recently had to plant a few thousand trees and a whole bunch of other plants and flowers. My method is to plant a few, then copy those multiple times, then select all of those and copy them a few times, etc. When this is done, the results do not look natural because all of the plants look the same.

    I wrote this dynamo routine to randomly rotate Enscape assets. It will only select Enscape assets, but you must be careful to only select plant items, since you would not want to randomly rotate furniture, people, cars, etc.

    To run, open the file pick the "select" node. Select the items to rotate using a window method. Once the "select" node populates with element ID's hit the "run" button. I added a "seed" section at the top. You can use the slider to change the random rotation to another random rotation. This script is setup to be used in the dynamo player as well.

    To use in the Dynamo Player:

    1. Select the option box

    2. Pick the "Select" button

    3. Optional: Set the "Seed"

    4. Hit the "Play" button

    I hope you find this helpful.

    Steve Fong

    Overland Partners Architects

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    Rotate tree family

    I would like to be able to create multiple animation paths and have Enscape render them all in sequence to separate files. As it is, I am creating very long complex paths so that all of the scenes I want to render are completed in 1 night, but these long paths can be hard to control.