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    This video editor is absurd. I set time stamps and they change. I set the total duration and it changes. Why wouldn't you create a lock feature on the time settings and something similar? Having the ability to nudge keyframes along the timeline in between a locked total duration? Seems like the most basic function for any video editor. I have no way of controlling the keyframes and the consistency of the video speed, therefore it has a mind of its own, and keyframe spacing is all over the place.

    I too would love to see this feature. We create "billboard" backdrops to many of our models to show the potential view from within models. Like others have stated, sketchup has this control which is a very handy feature. Will put a request in for this feature as well.

    This is exactly what i'm doing as well. It could be great if enscape had a "site backdrop" feature object that you can drop an image into and in the sketch up / enscape window it can be scaled and rotated to position completely devoid of shadow casting. What is the work around? Self-illumination doesnt help much because my view is to the south, directy where the sun falls.

    +1 here and probably many more in my office. Point cloud data is increasingly more common and this could be very useful from a production standpoint.

    Couldn't find a post in the Voting portal to add.