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    yes auto exposure is off - ive tried just about everything. At first I thought the fillaments were insufficient so i doubled them but still...somewhat of a glow from very close but just a blip from further out.

    Doubt this could have anything to do with GPU? Will check my settings again, try to match what you indicated and see a comparison.

    I have a 1660 super and upon install RTX was turned on via the Enscape settings, but turning RTX off does improve the render times drastically, almost by half.

    Just out of curiosity is there a difference in quality between having it on or not? Contemplating RTX card but if having it on is both slow AND quality-wise not any better then what is the point...

    Thank you for the reply. So essentially the excessive "glow" will only happen when the emissive material is hard up against a surface as in your first two pictures.

    It appears from what Ive seen from videos in earlier Enscape versions that the same effect would be possible for items hanging in space such as a bulb, without any surface to cause the glow nearby to be necessary.

    Keeping one eye on TM while figuring out how Enscape works. That roadmap has me intrigued and if the ability to use vismats becomes a reality i will jump ship. If only they updated their UI - its horrendous. Too much of the screen is taken up by iconography and non-collapsable panels and menus. But yes...Unreal Engine 5 integration most likely means within a year or two TM will have surpassed their competitors.

    Hi there,

    I watched one of the videos from the guy from Architecture Inspiration and he illustrated how when he ads emmission to a Light bulb (not the glass) he manages to not only get the objects to become brighter but they have a distinct glow. I tried this myself, and even though I upped the brightness there is not any glowing effect outside of the bulb as he indicated. Is this something that has been removed? Maxed out on the lumens but no volumetric effect at all...

    Any help will be awesome thanks.

    EDIT: here's an attachment of what I mean. The glass of the bulb is also completely transparent but even if I remove the glass there's no change to the extent of the glow - this is set to max intensity on the self-illumination too.

    I have a GTX750ti which is obviously quite bad and now i know RTX cards are super fast and the recommended cards to use, but does the additional gpu memory/cuda cores also improve the render quality of Enscape or is it simply way faster?

    For instance when I render the same scene with the same settings on my current system and another with an RTX 2080 for example, will they LOOK different too?