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    UPDATE 2: It appears the crash occurs only with duplicating assets of materials that enscapes material editior can see. If I duplicate the asset of a PBR material all is fine, it only crashes(revit vanishes) if I duplicate the asset of a generic material or other enscape viewable one.

    I have some other symptoms which may or may not help you identify the problem. I have moved the enscape addin from the program data file and the crash goes away however the material browser in revit is now extremely slow to just go from material to material. It was not like this before I launched the enscape material browser. is there some "worker" or other interaction enscape does when installed regardless of wether or not the add in is in the addin folder? Note I have removed pyrevit too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking we will have to go back to the enscape version prior to the enscape material editor. But I'm hopeful we can figure out where the conflict is. I have other users testing the same process and getting the same results. we are sending in the feedback. Thank you for working on this!!!

    Any update on this, we are having this issue on multiple computers and telling the team they just have to remove enscape is not an answer they want to hear. Has anyone narrowed it down to a type of material that is the cause or is it just enscape and revit trying to access the material browser data at the same time that causes revit to disappear?

    Enscape is still causing revit to disappear if in the material editor after seeing that pop out. I don't know how to send feedback after revit just disappears.

    I had a similiar issue trying to light a football field at night the lights are mounted on poles very high above the field. I couldn't get the light correct. my guess is its this same issue. so another vote for some sort of fix to allow for long throw lights. Maybe a check box or something for specific fixtures instead of adjusting everything. Or use the naming like you have with grass and carpet. IE we rename our light fixture with some key work to let enscape know to adjust the settings only for lights with "long throw" in them or whatever term is most accurate.

    this just bit us pretty bad. some users had installed 2.7 only to find out they couldn't render more complex models in it so we rolled them back to 2.5. Now when they make exe. they cant play them. We are now having to decide how to fix this problem. IE do all machines need to roll back C++ and enscape to be safe? we know we need better graphics cards but we can't replace at this time. Any suggestions are welcome.

    I would make your window header a sep. family(or part of the window family) and it would have a main extrustion thats material is your mortar material then use a face based brick family to create the bricks on top of it. I have a solid brick texture that is many bricks put together with no mortar. I do the same thing for radius'd brick details. takes a little time but provides the best realism.

    For what its worth, I went down this road with Archvision content a couple years ago, making individual revit families for each RPC. took forever and in the end I don't think many users took advantage of it. And they keep making new content so keeping up with it is hard. So I can totally relate to you desire and frustration. It would be great if they had an easy way to provide this, but as the library will keep expanding(thank you Enscape!!!) you should be prepared to keep up your effort with each release. Or just leave well enough alone with the asset browser, because the 2nd problem I ran into is now you have to make your revit families available and searchable for your users, when enscape and in my situation archvision had already done this. I hated the naming convention when content was loaded, but at the end of the day I feel like it was a big waste of my time, however I knew what all the content was really well.