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    Hi Patty - Ridley

    Did you try to launch Enscape with that model and see what happens?

    The biggest VRAM consumers are textures and Enscape itself (frame buffer, acceleration structures, shadow maps and so on). Geometry usually does not take much space. Views, sheets, etc. do not have any significant effect on the Enscape memory consumption at all.

    To use as little memory as possible for Enscape itself, you should try to switch to "Draft" quality mode prior to starting Enscape with that model. Also keep Enscape window small - if you have a 4k display and have Enscape fullscreen - you have lost a few gigabytes of VRAM already.

    Textures are scaled down with respect to the world size they occupy, where possible. Even if you have hundreds of textures in the project it will be somewhat hard to waste more that 1-2 gigabytes for textures.

    What will really be bad is startup time. Exporting and processing all the geometry and scaling textures may take much time. But you still could try and see what will happen.

    Good luck!

    Hello Ollyt

    I'm having the same issues, I cant seem to get it back to working tho, every time I render the just get the black screen. After you close it down I can not get enscape window to open again. Have to close down and open the fole up again and give it another shot.

    We cannot tell much from this symptom alone. Please send the logs - black screen can be a result of a dozen of issues. Very probably it is GPU memory related, however.

    The following can help if it is memory related:

    1. Capture in a lower resolution. If works perfectly every time - you are out of memory because of the capture resolution.

    2. If you have an RTX GPU - make sure you have the latest driver and try disabling RTX.

    3. Change rendering quality to "Draft" - it will also reduce memory consumption and will disable several rendering passes which could have issues.

    These options may become a workaround for the urgent case. For better diagnostics - please send us the logs.

    There is an incompatibility between 2.8 preview version project format and web runtime, which means that web standalones created with 2.8 wll work only when 2.8 stable release will be published and web runtime will be updated to that version.

    Hello PaigeB

    Sorry to hear that.

    I have a brand new system, I was rendering the same images last week and now I can't. And it crashes my enscape and my revit.

    I did send the report. I have clients waiting on my rendering ...

    Didn't see your report yet, but.

    Something has changed since last week if it worked well back then.

    1. Driver update? If so - try to roll back to the previous version.

    2. DeviceLost ist very often (but not for 100%) a sign for the insufficient memory. Another GPU memory consuming application running in background? Maybe you changed capture resolution to some huge one?

    I hope this will help you to tackle the issue. Otherwise we will see what is wrong from the logs.

    Hello tallison900

    sorry to hear that. What resolution do you have set up for screenshots? This error is very probably a sign that GPU is out of memory.

    You can do the following and see if one of the workarounds helps:

    1. Reduce screenshot resolution

    2. Reduce rendering quality

    3. Update nvidia driver - they have improved memory management in the latest release

    4. Disable RTX if it is enabled for your GPU

    There will be further memory consumption optimizations on our side in 2.8 too.

    I experience this a lot. I believe it may have something to do with my RAM resources. My current hypothesis is if I have Photoshop open with files open and I try to render in Enscape. Enscape + SkechUp will crash. If I close out of PS and do the same render works perfectly. Not fully sure if RAM swapping is causing the crash but the current work-around seems to be helping my situation until I can get more memory.

    Do you have Photoshop running in GPU mode? This would explain out-of-memory crashes because Photoshop, as well as Enscape, may use really a lot of GPU VRAM.

    Hello RavenEnterprises

    I think reading logs is not the best way to solve problems. If something is not working as expected - better tell here directly what is wrong or contact support via "Feedback" button, which will also include logs and crash dumps (if any).

    Enscape logs are not meant to be understandable and easy to read by our users. They may change between versions. It is an internal tool to help us debug problems.

    Sketchuup 2020 is not listed in the list of supported versions on the download page ;)

    Feel free to contact our support to extend your trial period when 2.7.1 will be released. Your trial will probably will be over by that time.