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    Guys really? Lets decide it honestly, RTX is a good thing or a bad thing for Enscape?!

    RTX gives Enscape ability to render better reflections, among other phenomena, compared to non-RTX. There is also enough space for further improvements in e.g. shadows quality. So visual quality is better with RTX, and will get better with the time when we will adopt more rendering passes to use RTX where possible. From this point of view, RTX is a good thing for Enscape.

    But there are issues of course, which is expected given how young this technology is. Current major issue is that you may get out of VRAM easily when you render big screenshots (>= 4k). This is of course not a good thing. Fixing or at least mitigating this particular problem is work in progress for the possible 2.6 bugfix or 2.7 release.

    Our first priority for the RTX implementation now is to make Enscape with RTX work more stable and fix known issues. Further visual improvements are also planned. So the bad thing can go soon and RTX users will end up with the good tool in hands.

    I think it's up to you to decide if it worth it right now. RTX is the cutting edge tech with all the pros and cons for those who want to use cutting endge features. There are comparisons of Enscape with and without RTX in the showcase section to help you make a decision.

    Hello davidT

    The minimap is not supposed to work in web standalone. There is also no way to turn it on or off in web, except for exporting for web while having minimap active on the desktop. Which is a bug which I've recorded thanks to your report!

    We have minimap for web on our agenda, but there is no exact ETA yet.

    Hello shiyan lin and welcome to our forum!

    First of all, you can try out trial version for free to see if it works well with the projects of your size.

    With 8 gigs of vram you should be able to very confortably work with no care about project size. At least in terms of VRAM amount.

    1. Really large scenes (in terms of dimensions, like cities) may introduce some rendering artifacts due to numerical precision.

    2. Making large screenshots (e.g. 4k) with RTX enabled may easily eat up all of the 8 GB VRAM even with the simplest scene. RTX is always enabled if you GPU supports it since 2.6.1. So if you will face this issue, you still should be safe with 2.6.0.

    3. Of course there are some limits. If you will use several gigs of textures in your model, don't expect it to work stable.*

    is there any out-of-core rendering ability like redshift exist in enscape?


    what will have happen if I am running out of Vram?

    Currently, Enscape will very probably crash if you are out of VRAM with RTX. This is one of the issues we are working on to improve in the future releases. This will imply quality vs. speed vs. VRAM usage compromises for the sake of stability.

    * - textures are not directly used in the provided resolution, there is a lot of logic going on behind the scenes to find the best matching of quality vs. mem usage, so you normally don't need to care about scaling them before using even if they occupy several gigs of memory alltogether.

    I hope I could answer your questions.

    I was always under the impression that if you applied a Gamma of .4545 that it should match the 8 bit output, but this does not seem to be the case. Is there any way of translating the EXR to match what comes out of Enscape as an 8 bit image?

    The idea of rendering an HDR is to let you have the raw brightness data, as Clemens has written. Which tools you want to use, and how, to get the desired LDR image from this data is up to you. If you want to have a 100% matching image - simply export usual LDR screenshot instead of EXR. Or know how to master your tools to make it manually, but I don't see any reason why one would want to do it in manually post process when Enscape already does it for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Here is the model where this occurred for me most recently

    It would be of great help if you or giri-giri could give us the repro case! As you can see in the previous report no answer followed from the topic starter. We have not seen this problem on our side so far.

    Please contact me via PM if you wish to send us the model and the way to reproduce the bug.

    You may want to check out this tool to try different options and see how you could do tonemapping: HDRSee

    is it possible to make an option with more then only white background color ? i mean full color palette or maybe my own image ?

    You can do it right now - simply draw a very basic "skybox" filled with a plain color you want and use it.

    I've recorded your wish to be able to pick background color instead of having white-only option.

    why background color changing my lightning setup ?

    Environment map has influence on the scene lighting just like the environment you see in the window has influence on the lighting conditions in your room.

    And it is absolutely necessary to be able to use a background only as a wallpaper option - without any influence on the exposure.

    This has unfortanutely nothing to do with the physics of light which Enscape rendering is based on. E.g., what should be reflected in a reflective object outdoor when a background without influence on the materials is used? How to treat portions of the screen containing the wallpaper when calculating exposure?

    Material ID channel export option can be used, however, to easily replace the background if you wish.

    no infos on this for so long time is bad

    There is already a lot of explanations and info regarding reflections in Enscape on this forum.

    First of all, this FAQ post:

    Why are some of my objects/parts of my project not displayed in reflections?

    Also a number of forum threads:
    Rtx vs gtx
    Reflection issues
    Errors in the reflections of the mirrors. version 2.6

    Please let us know what info do you want to have, we will be glad to provide it to you if it is not in the FAQ.