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    Error code 9, GPU 1

    GetGraphicsResetStatus() returned 33363

    Error code 10, GPU 1

    Enscape has detected that an operation takes longer than expected

    Here are some of the other issues I encounter, that happen every time I launch the Enscape render window:

    1. Disappearing buttons

    2. Buttons that stretch or warp or are non-functional

    3. Regular crashes when rendering stills, forcing restart of both Vectorworks and Enscape

    4. Items hidden in VW still remain visible, so Enscape render window has to be closed and re-launched for them to appear correctly

    5. Overall unusable/broken interface


    Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Enscape!

    We believe this is an OUT OF MEMORY issue that is caused by a bug that does not consider the amount of VRAM taken by the geometry in a project. The developers are aware of this issue and are trying to resolve this is as soon as possible.

    Workarounds in the meantime include:

    • Reducing the Resolution down to FullHD and the Rendering Quality to High. DONE
    • If your GPU is not RTX, then try disabling the RTX option found in the General Settings -> Performance options. N/A
    • If you are using Revit, you can employ the use of Section Boxes to reduce the amount of geometry that requires rendering, as well as to try using the 'Purge Unused' option in Revit. I'M VECTORWORKS
    • It could also be worth reviewing the textures in the project to see if these can be reduced or optimized in any way. DONE
    • Lastly, rebooting the machine before using Enscape will clear the VRAM, freeing up resources for Enscape on the GPU.


    If the issue still persists for you despite employing the above solutions, then please submit some fresh logfiles via the Enscape Feedback button.

    I have now submitted so many logs, where do I go from here, will going back to previous version fix this, PLEASE i just need to know how to fix this.

    I am also experiencing the same problems, have submitted countless logs, been given same workarounds as given before, that do not work and a deadline fast approaching! Rapidly becoming disillusioned with Enscape.

    Since installing Enscape for vectorworks last week, I have lots of problems, Vectorworks keeps crashing, when I go to take a screenshot, it sometimes works, but more often crashes, it takes ages for Enscape to open now, and now sometimes crashes before opening, taking my open Vectorworks with it.

    Is anyone else having the same issues?

    Any help very much appreciated.