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    Not yet, but that is on our agenda filed as a feature request which already has some demand. I'll further add your voice in form of another upvote as well as your feedback itself to the topic. :) Thanks!

    Yeah this is a massive one for us for a couple of reasons:

    - 9 times out of 10 we need to tweak a material/sky/water.

    - Motion graphics highlights

    - Adding extra depth to the image

    - Post production effects

    At a minimum we need material ID & Z-depth to create realstic animations or even artistic ones.

    Hope this one is high on your agenda!!

    p.s maybe a quick way to implement it would be to add a "material ID" Rendering Style? Better than nothing!

    Hi, I know we have the Enscape library built into Rhino but i was wondering if there is a way to bring in custom proxy objects just like Sketch Up?

    We have some great game engine trees and vegetation running in Sketch Up but cant use them Rhino as there doesn't seem to be a "linked model" function.

    Any workarounds on this one? Anyway to replace library assets or add assets to the library?


    I see Enscape manages to save the time of day per view if changed using right click + shift but i was wondering if there is a way for Enscape to remember the skybox rotation per view?

    As you can imagine, manually setting the skybox rotation each time you want to render is:

    1. Not accurate as there is no text input to write exact figures. I always seem to end up 0.3/4/5 off the original rotation using the slider.

    2. tedious!

    I've got 8 different cameras I have to render throughout the development of our project and it would save a huge amount of time!

    I guess this comes back to the subject of Enscape remembering settings per view/scene file. (which as already been heavily discussed)

    Kind Regards


    1+ from me too.

    Our projects often involve more than one person, There is nothing more annoying than opening the same file on a different machines and getting totally different results due to adjustments in exposure/contrast etc.

    All settings should be saved on a per file basis. It's how every other render program works and what people expect.

    For me the biggest advantage of having Enscape in max is animations. I would produce high quality stills using v-ray/corona then render a super fast animation using Enscape.

    Enscape is also a fantastic tool for design/look development and saves a lot of time waiting for multiple long renders when all you want is a quick preview.

    I find my self exporting from max to rhino/sketch-up all the time just to play around in Enscape!


    Place your lights, adjust intensity as you would, and the go to the Advanced tab and adjust the Artificial Light Brightness slider

    Yes I've had to do this in most scenes as none of the lighting options seems to produce the correct amount of light. Coming from a lighting design background, these workarounds just produce unrealistic, inaccurate result and it would be great if the lighting system worked as it should.

    Hi, Were testing out the artificial lighting system (sphere, spot, line rect & Disk) and all of the lights seem to be broken in some shape or form.

    For sphere, spot and disk we have to turn them up to 20k-1mill CD to get any decent amount of light. This is a stupidly high value and it's bizarre that you have real world units that don't relate to the real world. I'm not sure if this is due to the skylight & sun being set at too high a value by default or the artificial lighting system just hasn't been calibrated properly yet.

    Rectangle lighting seems to be even more broken. The larger you make them, the less light they produce? In the lighting industry rectangle lights are rated at lumens per square metre so its strange to see the light reduce when making the light source larger.

    The line light seems to be the most usable in its current form. It works as a replacement for led strips quite nicely but unfortunately you cant direct the light and the shape of light it produces is circular rather than rectangular.

    This is using Sketchup 2017/18, Enscape 2.4

    Kind Regards



    The recent introduction of Material-ID and Depth Channels has greatly improved the ability for us to properly post process our images coming out of enscape and produce some really professional results.

    It would be great if you could enable this option for videos as well so we can put the renders through after effects.

    Also reflection & lighting channels wouldn't go a miss ;)