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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Feedback button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.

    We're already making use of a rather popular codec, and I myself experienced plenty of events where windows media player just wasn't up to the task (not just in combination with videos created through Enscape) - either because of missing codecs or because the video stuttered because of performance problems which I never experienced with VLC (probably due to lacking hardware acceleration in WMP). So summed up I'd say it's always better to not use windows media player, or at least acquire a codec pack which should also do the trick when Enscape videos cannot be played at all.

    No problems there... but is this information listed anywhere on the Enscape website?

    I thought all media players were the same, they just play mp4s... im guessing im not the only one that just expects a product i pay a subscription for... to just work on my computer.

    Keep in mind, when this thread started i thought it was a problem with Enscape itself......

    Wow this is all great info and thank you so

    much for taken the time to investigate it all.. but i dont really understand it.

    I think its got to the point where Enscape themselves need to add some input here. I pay to use the software... not to fix it...

    What really needs to happen is Enscape adds Codecs to the program or list them for down on their website... possibly for different regions of the world if your earlier assumption is correct

    Some more observations i have noticed..

    When using VLC player on battery mode on my RTX laptop the 4K video was choppy again... i also dowloaded VLC to my surface pro and again the 4k video was choppy... while the 1440p version worked fine though... does Enscape have a video player they recommend for playback?

    Yeah, I use the codecs cause I do a lot of video encoding and what not... 4K videos play just fine in WMP (Windows Media Player) after you install the codecs.

    unfortunately i dont have the time to keep messing around with codec that dont auto download when i update windows.. i would love to minimise the programs on my computer but after trying the codecs listed above they didnt help the issue unfortunately. :(

    Ok... I have downloaded and used VLC player and the 4K 60fps video plays perfectly! that's a big relief. so in future don't use windows players for 4K content.

    Thanks so much for everyones help. I was going crazy trying to work out what was going on!

    i have rendered another video at 4k 60 fps and that is skippping also.... so the problem looks like it is with the resolution not the fps. i had also downloaded one of the div-x codec listed above and that didnt help. for reference i am using windows "Movie & TV" app to play them.. i have also tried windows media player and the results are the same.

    thanks for the help everyone. I notice a big difference between 60 & 120 FPS. I will look into making some sense of the codecs.. again. *Microsoft keeps telling me if windows is up to date then the codecs should be also...

    i have a completed another walkthrough @2560x1440 (with the custom tab) and this seemed to work ok.

    The file i was rendering was 50mb after i purged it from 230mb, i usually do that before i render) i have an rtx2070 gpu with 32gb of ram and an ssd. Monitor is 144htz

    Hi everyone. Im having issues with my walkthroughs. Once rendered the stutter was ever 3-4 sec on playback this was @4k 120fps. Ive upgraded to 3.0 but the issue was still happening on 2.9.

    Upon looking at GPU usage while rendering it was rare that it ever went above 30%.. and most of the time sat at about 17%. Memory and CPU usage were even less. Is there a way to allocate more resources to enscape?

    Im assuming this is why the stuttering is happening. Video worked fine @1080 60fps.

    Also Have you used an HDRI sky box ???

    a good one make a huge difference compare to skybox,

    here a screen straight from revit, low res.

    I have played with Skyboxes in other projects with varying degrees of success.. i can to the conclusion that it was best leave them alone as the time spent getting lighting right wasnt worth the payoff

    That is amazing feedback Analyser.. thank you for taking the time to write that and for the link to videos also... I've got some research to do!

    You need to improve a lot with the material settings, control and control the lights, everything you do looks like you're using the default settings. The properties of the material are also completely ignored. I think you should review the youtube tutorials one more time.

    I show to you a video of the screen while I am presenting the solution to a client.

    So your Tip is to review Youtube videos? Very Helpful! Just for reference, none of the materials have been ignored.. they are as good as i seem to be able to get them. Hence why i asked for help...

    Thanks for taking the time Fetzerman. I never really noticed that until you brought it to my attention. Its amazing what different "lenses" pick up! Greatly appreciated mate.

    Hi everyone.. i have been tinkering away with my materials in Revit for a couple of years now and my walkthroughs have improved significatly.

    Over the past 6 months or so i seem to have reached a bit of a ceiling with regards to realism. I have tried all the tricks i have read on the net.. PBR materials etc.

    It just seems like the Sketch up renders/walkthroughs are far superior and i cant really get close to them.

    I have a 60sec video on youtube here Enscape Walkthrough of a house we are currently in looking to build for a client.

    If anyone has any tips they could share for adding an extra layer or polish. I would love to hear it and hopefully others can learn also.

    I save all my favourite Enscape assests as a model group in my template. (Saves me time when placing objects as they are generally at the correct height and dont need adjusting) Then in plan view i can just scatter them as required. I refer to this model group as "LIVED IN" as its a term we use to in the office to get that final level of polish...

    Now if your super organized you can organize a second Model Group say "LIVED IN 2" with proper documentation assets and you can just change from 1 model group to the other really quickly.

    Its a little bit to set up.. but you can copy those model groups to other projects to reuse..