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    The glass transparency behavior will be improved in the upcoming version. For reflection correctness, ensure to have the rendering quality at least to "High".

    So I'm in the newer version and I'm still having the same issue, but with a slightly different issue.

    I'm trying to make realistic looking lights. So I thought I model the lens and then model the light source above it. I'm trying to make a lens that would be translucent so you get a more diffused light from the light source material above it using a material with self-illumination. But I at 5% transparent the lens material just goes solid. And you can't really get the diffuse light look. Wonder if the updates that were done were supposed to fix this issue or not.


    So I have a Revit model that my designer wants to use for visualization. They've got a sketchup model of the site.

    He's gone thru the process of cleaning up the sketch up model and and assigning layers to everything. In Revit under the imported objects you can apply materials to each layer of the sketchup model, but when Enscape is started all of the sketchup surfaces show up as just white.

    Is this something that Enscape doesn't allow?

    Thanks in advance.

    I'm trying to make some translucent poly-carbonate panels display correctly.

    At 6% transparent with a little Translucent set, they're clear. At 5% transparent they're a solid material.

    Where's the middle ground?

    Or is this a known issue and something Enscape can't do yet.

    I'm also still seeing the ground plane and clouds reflecting on interior glass with no line of sight to any exterior glass. This was a known issue about 3 versions ago and still seems to be an issue.

    I have a hallway in the middle of a building that looks super dark for one, but the linear lights I have seem to display as a single light source and not a linear florescent type.

    I've double checked the family, the light appear to be modeled correctly.

    When I un-check the Global illumination that made everything much brighter, but you can still see the washout on the walls from what looks like a single source.

    First is the it checked, second is without.

    Any thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.

    As a test I created small enclosed building with no exterior openings with 2 floors above with no openings and a floor at ground level. I've also added in a site topo set 1/2" below the floor level.

    On the interior of the building I made 2 set of rectangular walls, one inside of the other. I then added a curtain wall window.

    When i walk down the hallway, I'm seeing the white Enscape site groundplane and the clouds and sky in the glass.

    Can anyone explain if this is a known issue or what am I doing wrong here.

    I have no interior lights.

    First image is plan view of the building.

    2nd is of the interior north interior hallway looking at the window.

    3rd is same without global illumination.

    Either way shouldn't see any sun or clouds in either of these.

    Thanks in advance.