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    I usually download a street view from google maps to use as a skybox in my renderings. I find that it can be a real exercise in frustration to get my model lined up with the street view. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to align the model with the skybox?

    I have submitted this to the help desk however they seem to be in Germany so the response time is long. Hoping someone will have a solution here, quicker, as we need to get these renderings completed. Here is the situation.....

    - no issues opening or using enscape. Updates to the revit model update in enscape with typical lag times.

    - when we hit batch render or screenshot, we run into problems....

    - we are able to select where to save the files

    - enscape starts the rendering and the progress window appears

    - the progress window freezes at 0%

    - we are able to hit cancel and work in revit

    - enscape will not open again (says an enscape window is already open)

    - we have to close revit completely in order to open enscape again

    - graphics card has been updated

    - RTX is disabled

    - computer has been restarted.

    - using Revit 2022

    - using enscape 3.2.0-preview.5+57421

    We encountered this error on 2 days ago so getting desperate for a solution.

    Hopefully someone has some ideas....

    I am having difficulty importing SketchUp families all of a sudden. I used to be able to download a file from the 3D warehouse and drop it into a Revit family then import it into Revit. However recently, when I drag the SketchUp file into Revit, nothing comes in. I did a bit of research and it looks as though Revit supports sketch 2017 and older however the 3D warehouse now only lets you download 2018 and newer. Is anyone else having this problem?

    The 3D warehouse has such variety in its content that I am really missing it.

    I have two questions about linking assets to revit families.

    1. Is there a way to specify an offset to the linked object? Everytime I have tried to link an asset to a family the asset ends up being offset from the revit family and in the wrong place.

    2. Is there a way to unlink an asset from the revit family?

    I have 5 models linked into a site model. I have done individual renderings of each model in their respective file so I know the materials are correct however enscape will not read the materials in the linked file. The materials have been imported so they are in the material browser.

    Also, I am not using BIM360.

    Linked files in revit

    What shows up in Enscape

    Rendering from the linked file