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    What's the point of new the feedback portal if nothing suggested (or Not) is going to make it past the enscapes internal team, they have shown over the last few releases that they don't listen to their customers and have become so bloated that they can't respond quickly to issues like the mess that is the video editor.

    I support the notion that fixing the outstanding issues (as listed by Tim) should be enscapes total focus BEFORE tackling anything listed on the 3.4 roadmap.

    Seriously looking at other options, any comments/suggestions welcome (Twinmotion, D5, Unreal engine 5, Lumion)

    Assuming that everyone at Enscape already has a job to do, what would you like them to stop working on to do the above


    Below is a list of things i believe shouldn't be "in development" or "under consideration" so should leave plenty of resource available to curate user wishes and get a more user focused roadmap moving forward. The things i have listed below are more nice to have AFTER they have worked on the workflow and quality issues to turn enscape into a professional rendering solution.

    Import site context

    Export Nvidia MDL

    Educational Assets & Materials

    Bim Data Filter

    Customized Controls

    Add Text and paint to image

    Export Issues as report

    Show Libraries on website

    For this very reason I don't use the batch feature. Having no control or overwrite over the file naming convention makes the batch feature unproductive.
    I do Post Process on every render and I use Photoshop's link feature to make the process somewhat nondestructive. Due to a auto generated file naming convention Enscape uses I find zero value in it as I would have to manually edit the file names to maintain the established links. This is fine for one or two renders but not 10-15

    A perfect and very simple solution is adopt the camera/scene name. This is what also every professional dds/render engine software does. Do this and the Batch function will have far more value to users.


    It has something to do with assets already loaded in the archicad library (IE GDL objects in the embedded library), it appears that enscape needs the assets to be placed (and therefore a new GDL object created) to be able to use this functionally, Its very frustrating if you have large amounts of these already placed in your template.

    Enscape assumes you will be placing assets directly from the asset browser each time and doesnt take into account the use of a template where objects (from the embedded library) are already placed within archicad. I have edited the 2D & 3D code of my objects to get the look that i want so having to redo all that work will be a nightmare. Enscape can you provide what additional code is required within the GDL objects to bring them up to speed with the new version.

    Creating fly-throughs are a big aspect of my daily job and with all the comments regarding the 3.0 video editor - what is the roadmap for having it completely reworked?
    I installed 3.2 yesterday, tested out the new content tried the video editor for some time and went right back to 2.9. The new features just don't carry enough weight to upgrade. I'm not going to rehash all the same comments but, I now firmly believe that the video editor should have the highest priority over all upcoming updates, even the render viewport on top?....still blown away that isn't done X/



    I tried it with a GTX3090 but found it to be quite slow and unresponsive and had a number of crashes, I still hate the twinmotion UI it looks like its built for kids not professionals

    I would love enscape to give us an EXTREME setting that would take a lot longer to render but give better reflections etc

    Can we also get better control of the spacing, and perhaps allow for overlapping. currently assets are placed too far apart for planting to look realistic

    It will depend on your hardware and if you have enough GPU memory to run it, create the asset and give a try, worst that can happen is that it crashes and then you know that it wont work.

    Do not try to import a model like that directly into archicad, it just won't handle that many polys. you could convert to a point cloud and open in archicad but then you can't render/view in enscape

    Yes i confirm this is an issue, it doesnt like if a material is updated in archicad.

    I don't know what format the web export does. It seems it may be a glTF compressed in gzip without a header. Whatever it is it does mind for me if we could have a glTF model for local playing in some glTF light viewers as PlayCanvas glTF viewer or Unreal (Khronos Group-based) viewer are. glTF app-web viewers are the lightest viewers for computers without enough graphics power. Why I'm asking for export to glTF? Well, my main customer does demos to its customers at their facilities, hospitals, and many times in places where they don't have an internet connection. So the default online mode is not useful for them. And their notebooks haven't the needed graphic power for other kinds of 3d model viewers in local mode.


    Certainly, please get in contact with us on our website :) and we will be able to provide you with the sample

    Cheers, have just sent you a message via your website, Are you going to have an enscape version available for all of your plants as I see that only a limited selection is available at the moment.

    Is there any chance you could provide a sample object for us to evaluate, looks very promising