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    Thanks, i have reverted to using blender!!! so dont bother with the c4d exported option.

    Yes, check the alpamodes section of the Gltf section:…cation/2.0#alpha-coverage

    Enscape supports this, but can't say for sure whether your c4d exporter supports it.

    Enscape has a custom Gltf extension to give more material control in the application (it has settings for 'face-me', 'enscape water effect', 'enscape grass', as well as a bunch of other tweaks). I'm sure the official assets use it extensively, but we rarely use it, mainly because the assets usually look good enough for our purpose without further tweaking. But if there's enough demand, I'm happy to write a tutorial on it.

    Well that just confused me even more!!!

    I must be missing something!!! no matter what i do i can get it to work, can you please take a look at the files here and let me know where i am going wrong

    Or can you please provide a sample with it working correctly so i can trouble shoot,

    ps love you work, image of the assets i have made from C4D rendered in archicad! much more to come


    Thanks got it, I was trying to adjust the size of the bounding box (rather than use an OBJ) and i wont let me use and figures that are decimal ie 1.3x1.3x2.2 the numbers need to be whole ie 1,2,3,4 etc is there some workaround here?

    Just trying to get my head around blender!!! (not sure i like how it does materials/textures) I have C4D and can export a GLB file and then "unpack it" using this visual studio addon here everything looks correct and your asset creator works correctly, i get an asset to place in enscape, but nothing shows up in the render (and it sometimes crashes), any suggestions where to start problem solving



    Thank you I had it as output not Output!!!! simple fix to allow us create our own library, amazing work thanks,

    Note that the mixed option only shows my custom objects not the full enscape library, i have to switch between mixed and remote to get both


    Wow this is a game changer, I have followed your steps perfectly but i cannot get any asset to show up in Enscape, (i have even tried with your example files) i get the developer menu and can select the asset source but if i select local or mixed nothing shows up in the asset library.

    Are you able to share 1 of your finished assets so i can find out where the issue may lie

    I would like to see a complete re-think and re vamp of the UI (and program workflows), in general it is very fragmented and doesnt allow for a great workflow.

    I am glad that enscape have employed someone to look at this with a complete fresh approach (god know it needs it)

    Hi Nuge,

    as our internal roadmap is changing on a weekly basis, we decided that it would be less disappointing for you guys if we just showed you what will included in the next release.

    Problem is you did tell us it was going to be included right up until you released the preview version then bang not happening in 2.7 you will have to wait till 2.8, sounds a lot like the archicad material editor a few versions ago and i suspect its going to keep happening with every release "sorry archicad users you have to wait or maybe it just wont happen as its to hard to code"

    Why don't you publish a specific voting tool on your web site because the current system of upvoting on this forum is just a joke, you manage the content and allow us to vote. You did it once before and then totally ignored what feature got the most votes (Create out own enscape objects) so maybe listening to your users would be a good start, there are many simple requests on this forum that have been totally ingored for quite some time. I would vote to get all of the plugins up to the same level and fix all of the minor workflow/quality issues (reflections anyone) and allow users to create there own objects (and edit their materials) before introducing any "new" features.

    Dont know why i am wasting my time even writing this as it just seems to fall on deaf ears


    Given how long it took for you to release 2.7 preview can you give us an approx time frame for 2.8, and while your at it you have been promising to release something to replace the old trello board regarding the future development of this product, there has been an awful lot of "upvoting" on various topics but we have no idea what is or isn't coming in future releases

    Well, this is - again - rather unsatisfactory and really frustrating.

    Back when we subscribed which was over a year ago this feature was already on the agenda. Since then is has been subsequently pushed back and back again. We always strive to deliver multiple design choices to our customers. The incessant absence of this feature hinders us tremendously in delivering a satisfying presentation as we have to switch the presentation which again completely breaks immersion and sure does not help in convincing already demanding customers.


    Glad some else is a little frustrated, be thankful your not using Archicad as this feature has now been pushed back until 2.8 (maybe)


    So when will archicad get some prioritization before all of your other plugins, seems only fair given your pricing model that we should get some new/updated features before everyone else to make up for your previous "prioritization" of all the other plugins?


    Thanks for your reply, but really slightly different!!!! come on do you really believe that. Since the archicad plugin was released it has been on the back foot regarding development and this 2.7 release is no different, we have been waiting months for reproducible renderings and now you deliver the news that all of the other plugins will have it but not Archicad. your logic is flawed if you think that this feature "does not make sense" for archicad. I think the issue is that your team don't have the skill set to implement it in Archicad.

    I see from your website that your development team has swelled in numbers over the last couple of years, yet the pace and quality of your development have gone backwards, previously we would have preview/update versions every few days/weeks now we seem to wait months for half baked versions and poorly thought thru workflows.

    I love what enscape could be but am frustrated that you dont seem to be able to deliver it any time soon.

    Well at least you guys have something it complain about, Archicad users once again left out in the cold as this feature not included in our plugin, and no discussion if it ever will be. Come on Enscape at least come clean and explain yourselves regarding the Archicad plugin development

    This thread does highlight that clearly the development team DO NOT USE ENSCAPE on a daily basis to produce renderings otherwise these types of ridiculous methods/workflows would not make it past the first hurdle. No one in their right mind would ever dream up a workflow like this and it needs to be changed so that we can see any changes per view in the live viewer, I just can understand how you guys feel this is even an option


    How can you issue a road map of features coming in the next release and then drop them at the last minute because its too hard to implement for Archicad

    Yet again Archicad is the poor cousin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enscape when can we expect a reduced subscription for the archicad plugin given that it is only a lite version of Enscape.


    You need to allow users to comment on your original post please.

    My query is about the Views & batch rendering in Archicad, I dont see anything available in the new preview version 2, Can you please update us on when or how (if i have missed something) this is going to be implemented


    Just downloaded the latest 2.7 preview and i must say its a little underwhelming, after waiting so long i thought we might get something better

    Don't get me wrong the new Orthogonal views are great and a welcome addition, but they should always have been there from the beginning

    But after all the complaining about the on-line assets having to download each time I cant believe you guys have not updated (or reverted back) to a better system, i have a 1gig fibre connection and i am sitting here waiting for the thumbnails to load so i can see if you have any new objects, its been 15min already and i am about 10% thru its like the 90s again on dial up. And while on assets WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO CREATE OUR OWN!!!!!

    But again my major gripe is about the archicad implementation yet again you have failed to align it with the other plugins, where are out views and batch rendering!! and Reproducible renderings as per your roadmap.