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    Is there any chance you could provide a sample object for us to evaluate, looks very promising

    A questions was raised in the survey:

    "Will we be able to rotate/scale objects placed from the CAD side?"

    As long as the CAD/BIM-tool supports scaling and rotation, you will be able to do this in the Enscape window in 3.2. as well. As mentioned in the User Test, this feature is still work in progress.
    You can find news and discussions related to our preview in the section News & FAQ.


    Can you please clarify your statement, Archicad supports scaling and rotation but enscape has not implemented these features, will this release have the ability to scale and rotate (z axis) in Archicad

    Totally agree, if the ability to place enscape objects within Archicad/sketchup is removed i will be looking for another render solution as this is one of enscape's big drawcards for me, I would like more control over the placement/rotation via the Archicad GDL placeholder tho

    Hi Joachim,
    Great feedback and response. Just curious as to how your team collects information from the other 90+% of users? I've been using Enscape now daily for the past couple of years. Even switched from using best in the industry VRay. I don't see many surveys or questionnaires come through my inbox. I've had a conversation with an Enscape team member many months ago but just curious so that I can be sure to help provide solid feedback that is most relevant to the success of this product.

    Totally agree, this sounds a lot like many software companies i deal with "we are listening to our customers, this forum is not the only method of gathering feedback" then total silence when asked "how" are you gathering this feedback !!!!!!

    I remember when Enscape had a trello board and it was great to be able to view upcoming developments,make suggestions etc. I have been saying for the last few years now that they should reinstate it or something similar, the current up-vote system is flawed in so many ways.

    I think the Enscape video editor is instructive in this regard when discussing functionality. It's one thing to add a tool where none exists (SketchUp is, shall we say, rudimentary in its video generating ability) but in terms of modeling, I would only look to add functionality where none exists (natively.) However, there is a long way to go to make it comparable to more robust video editing, and so we're depending on Enscape to add the proper tools to expand what we can do. (like GUI keyframes that can be edited visually, hint hint.)

    For example, random scattering is not native to SketchUp, but placing and rotating most certainly is. The placement of Enscape lights is a good illustration of what happens when Enscape tries to replace native functionality. placing an area light is incredibly fiddly and frustrating. I do not want something like that for placing assets. Even just adding a "glue to surface" option for things like cars would be a great way to build on existing functionality, not try to replace it. Please, developers, think carefully before adding some new workflow and how it relates to existing functionality. I don't feel like that care has always been exercised in pursuit of shiny new tools.


    Can you please give us an idea of how you are going to implement the rotation and scaling of the enscape assets, will it only be available inside the enscape render window or will it be available within the host CAD software.

    I am using Archicad and it's very simple to add in code to the archicad placeholder object to achieve the desired result, problem is that enscape doesn't read this information and therefore its impossible to have items such as cars rotated to suit sloping ground for example.

    The much more important development needed for enscape objects is the ability to add categories for custom objects, i have hundreds of objects and its getting very cumbersome scroll thru them all to find what i am looking for. please make this a priority ASAP