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    I completely get that reasoning. At least currently it's our goal to not add any features that may clutter the interface though, features that aren't used by the majority of users - still, I can completely understand your side as well and this is also reasoning for me to push this feature onward.


    Thanks for your reply, but i just cant understand why "it's our goal to not add any features that may clutter the interface though" surely basic options this this would benefit all users and a check box would hardly be cluttering the interface rather enhancing it (restmode anyone). I really thing enscape needs to revisit its fundamental approach to these kinds of options, rather than making (the wrong) decision give users the option

    What would be the issue with giving users the option. why do you guys have to make all of these "design decisions" when you could simply give your users the option to manage it how they want. I for one really struggle with many of your "design decisions" regarding workflow

    Looks like enhanced online panorama features are coming - but really what I need is to be able to batch render panos. Most of my clients have web design people who just need the raw pano, and the one thing that takes forever in my workflow is to re-render panos when something in the model changes.


    Found it here

    Enscape 3.0 Released


    Hello! We are constantly working on improvements of image quality, stability, performance and application usability. We are aware of the demand on better reflections, animation and other long awaited features. But some things just can't be easily implemented in a short period of time, no matter how much we want it - sometimes a big amount of work on the infrastructure is needed to make future improvements and new features possible. Moreover, we have more than one development team each focusing on different parts of the product - rendering engine programmers are not implementing UI or CAD integration. So be sure that we are not sitting without doing anything while other teams are working hard and other departments are doing rebranding ;)

    That is a comment made by one of your enscape team on this forum (i don't have time to find it sorry) in relation to the many complaints about the lack of "new features" in the enscape 3.0 release, and that is basically a UI update only. He indicated that a number of the development teams were not needed or had limited involvement for this version and that they had been working hard in the background on "other important stuff".

    Given that 3.0 is quite a disappointment for many of us and maybe foolishly thought that 3.0 would be a major release with a raft of new features/workflow enhancements/fixes. So with that in mind many will be interested to see what coming in 3.1 and beyond

    As most of the developers have not been required in the 3.0 release (its only really a UI update) can we have some good news on the road map for 3.1 and beyond

    I couldn't agree more, I thought that a 3.0 version would be a major upgrade/update, disappointed its basically an updated UI, but apparently they have consulted with their user base and this is what was wanted, go figure


    Sorry but i take exception to your comment "In addition, we keep a mix between planning ahead and still being able to react to urgent circumstances at relatively short notice". I have been using Enscape for many years and i am yet to encounter any feature that has been reacted to "at relatively short notice". you just have to look at this forum to see how long user have been requesting batch rendering for Panos. if your team had to render 20-30 panos for a project i am sure it would have made it into enscape quite some time ago.

    All of the "feature requests" your users make are based on real world problems/bottlenecks that exist in our businesses everyday, some more problematic that others, as a product manager you should be acutely aware of these issues and be advocating strongly to your developers on our behalf. Let avoid another release cycle where the only change is an updated UI when so much more could have been done to enhance enscape as a usable product.


    I am curious about what other sources you use to make these decisions, I would have thought that feedback from your user base is one of the most important as we are the ones using your product in the real world everyday, Small decisions made by your UX team are having major implications to a number of users (Refer to Herbos comments) and this could have been resolved very early in the development process had you involved your user base. Previously you had a trello board which was a great feature but you decided to discontinue that in favour of "upvoting". As i have said many times on this forum as users we have no idea what MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be coming in future releases. Why don't you provide a list of items that have been upvoted with the corresponding number of votes, I am sure that most users would have expected more from a major release (3.0) than a UI update

    Wouldn't it be beneficial to everyone to make exporting in one or two steps an option in the preferences and just disable it by default? This way users that are accustomed with the current workflow can use it the way they're used to (one click for Opening Enscape & starting the export) while users with larger projects such as Herbo can use the two step method (two clicks - open Enscape, start Export).

    Just sayin' ;)

    Agree simple & elegant solution, Cant understand why the developers wont make this an option, seems like a no brainer to me