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    Yes Archicad is the poor cousin yet again, I just hope that the new Twinmotion version lives up to its hype

    They deleted it so we have no idea what is the most popular request, there is a lot of up voting on topics but there is no way to know what "SHOULD" be worked on next or if ever, quite a few months ago i brought this exact topic up and it was promised we are working on something to replace it (Trello) still waiting guys

    The development of Enscape is of grave concern to me as they don't seem to have a coherent road map addressing user requests in a timely manner. any idea when or if we will be able to create our own enscape objects???

    It seems to me that Enscape needs a complete re-work from the ground up to make it more of an engine and allowing more talented people to develop the front end for the various software


    Yes but they are not going to be major and game changing like creating our own assets or changing materials on assets or an ultra ultra mode to get correct reflections or multi user VR or displacement or fully featured archicad plugin or animated objects or animated materials or create 360 video, the list goes on. these are real world requests from your users that operate in the real world providing visual content to their clients (who always want more) so if you want to retain us as your clients you need to be much more responsive to these types of requests, the current "up voting" is a joke, why don't to publish a vote to see what things that you users want/need in the upcoming versions and use that as a basis for your development, your current approach is rather unprofessional in my view

    The development agenda is out for 2.7 and i mush say that's its very disappointing, not sure if you guys are listening to your client base as the only real thing or interest is the Orthogonal views everything else that is constantly getting "upvoted" on this forum has been ignored.

    Does anyone else feel let down by this?

    Well I am not surprised and its rather disappointing to see that you are going to work on a new Vectorworks plugin before you have finished the Archicad one. My previous comments about this being a money grab are starting to look true, I wonder if you will advertise that they will only get half a plugin but will have to pay full price, or maybe you will provide them with a fully functioning plugin out of the box and leave archicad users hanging again.

    Looks like i am going to have to look more closely at Twinmotion once its new version is out

    Still no news on the future of Enscape, that's disappointing. There has been a great deal of up voting on this forum over the last few months but we have no idea what is coming (or not) please enlighten us on your plans, your general lack of a tangible roadmap that is based on WHAT USERS WANT is your archillies heel, you want our feedback and help with the testing but you constantly ignore us regarding future plans.

    We understand that development is not an exact science and that timeframes can vary, we understand that and are not looking for dates etc. Just look how long the last 2 versions have taken to develop and the issues you are clearly having implementing RTX, we get it, just give us something we can look forward to

    Any chance we could get an update on whats coming next after 2.6, there has been a lot of suggestions and upvoting so it would be nice to have a general idea what things are going to make it or not.

    For me being able to create my own library of objects remains top of list!!

    Hopeful Someone from Enscape will respond


    Just checked the new preview version ( and this issue is not resolved, We love the new material editor but without the ability to control the sun position it totally useless.

    Can you please indicate an approx time frame to have this resolved


    No its not you, i have had the same issue and it needs to be resolved, loving the material editor for archicad!!

    exactly how much attention should this thread get to be a feature the dev team would actually implement? Demian Gutberlet

    Dont hold your breath!!

    This forum is full of upvotes etc but we have no idea what might get included in the next versions if at all, I thought i read they had increased their development team, seems to have slowed down development not sped it up