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    I totally agree and have been on Enscape's case since the half baked archicads plugin came out.

    Please, Please give the same functionally that the other plugins have for the same price.

    Thank you for the constructive feedback Tyler , we do actually have a few ideas already which would offer users more ways to add their voices directly instead of through us to our agenda. But, generally, be aware that every voice is being heard and every upvote is being counted internally. Also, if you haven't already, there is a DevAgenda you can check out here, which will always be updated.


    I totally agree with Tyler regarding your development agenda, I do see numerous posts that have been "up voted" but we have no idea what requests have the most votes or what features are going to be in upcoming releases. As an example when you released your objects you asked for feedback on what features users wanted, the overwhelming winner was the ability to create our own library of objects (still my number 1 wish), but we as users have no idea if this will happen and if it does what kind of time frame we are looking at. (While on the objects are more objects going to be released as the current libraries range is rather underwhelming)

    Your link to the DevAgenda clearly shows that this post is not always updated as the last "Update" is December 2019 (5 months old), I thing all or us loved the Trello board as is was a easy way to see what was coming up etc, we all feel in the dark a bit now

    While I don't think that it's useful for you if I go through every reason why we scheduled something


    Perhaps you should go thru how and why things are scheduled and publish a roadmap of upcoming features, we all understand if things get delayed, thats business.

    We use to have the trello board indicating what was being worked on etc but i see that has been discontinued, more transparency on whats coming would alleviate some of our concerns going forward.

    We all love enscape and that's why we are so passionate about its development

    I've noticed this is a common theme with pretty much all pieces of software today. The die-hard users (ie. those speaking out on the forums) are never satisfied, no matter how much is being done to develop the software, and there's always something that doesn't work or needs to be implemented. It never ends. Humans are great at taking things for granted. In my opinion, Enscape is near the top in terms of quick development cycles and responsiveness to user requests, much better than most companies. This doesn't mean we shouldn't keep requesting things and advocating for improvements, since we all want to see Enscape get better, but I get the impression you all don't appreciate it as much as you should. I think the new asset content is great and worthwhile, and while they haven 't released it yet, they've also been working on RTX implementation, which in my own biased opinion eclipses all of the requests above I'd love to see displacement and rounded edges too, but understand that not everything can be done at once.


    I just want the functionally that has been promised and paid for, bring all of the plugins up to the same standard BEFORE releasing new features is my main gripe. I understand that the developers cannot satisfy all user requests and i am not asking for that, but selling me an incomplete versions for the same price is just wrong

    JUST UPDATE IT SO WE HAVE PARITY nothing more nothing less

    Anyway, it is not totally dissapointed for all of us if we know that Enscape team is working on it. But we hope that Enscape team should consider equally improving Enscape for all platforms in the future. Although each platform has its own way of working. It would be the best.

    For me, it doesn't matter about Material Editor for Archicad instead it is about the integration/compatibility between Archicad and Enscape should be good as Sketchup or Revit has.

    Thank for your team effort and hope that it is gonna be there soon.

    I totally agree, this is the wider issue that you have different development cycles for your different plugins, your priority should be to get all of them to the same level before introducing any new features. as i have said before Archicad users are paying the same price as sketchup for a "not as complete" version. you have taken our money now deliver on your promises


    Wow, i could bet my life savings that everyone that has been watching and waiting for V2.5 has been expecting a major new feature release not a bug fix which is what you are saying, i don't have time now but i bet i could troll through this forum and find numerous posts from enscape staffers that have been indicating "wait for the next release it will be amazing" and you specifically told us that the work generating the new content would not interfere with the development of the program (clearly not).

    If your argument is valid regarding the newest integration lagging behind then why does Rhino now have a material editor, when Archicad was released before Rhino by some time from memory


    SIMON WEINBERGER (24th August 2018)

    At the moment we try to release every 3-4 month, meaning version 2.4 should be released in September/October. Then we'll decide what to do next. If we schedule this topic for the 2.5 version, this means a release in Q1 2019, probably a preview in late 2018. I don't want to make any promises. Besides better material support for ArchiCAD there are a few topics on our agenda, that are highly requested, just take a look at the Trello board. You should know, that we are aiming for feature parity between all plugins, and that is a strong argument for providing better materials in Rhino and ArchiCAD

    So was Simon just telling me what i wanted to hear to keep me quite (which i have while waiting for V2.5) ?

    So is a material editor scheduled for the next release YES or NO (all of your paying Archicad users deserve an accurate answer)

    PS i think you will find what thinhpham is meaning is that because sketchup has all of the "new features" (and archicad does not) the renders look better

    Annoyed (again)

    I hope so, didnt think of that as its the 2nd of April here today

    As you can see i have had enough of software developers taking my money and not delivering on their promises, Enscape is just one of a number that i am dealing with currently


    Yes it does seem that Archicad is the poor cousin from enscapes point of view, Sketchup & Revit seem to get all the "new" features and we a left with a "lite" version for archicad. very disappointing and is going to make me look seriously into other options (Twinmotion/Lumion etc)

    I thought that 2.5 was going to be a major update (they have spent enough time on it)

    So i have just downloaded the new release candidate (2.5.033) for archicad.

    is there some document outlining what has changed as it appears on the surface not much has.

    After following this forum very closely was expecting a material editor, some way to manage views, ability to create our own enscape objects, among other visual enhancements

    I hope that i am wrong and am just missing some switch to turn things on (god i hope so)

    We need the ability to rotate the asset library objects in the Z direction, we can rotate them in plan but i need to be able to rotate to match a sloping ground (ie cars in a sloping driveway)

    I can add the rotate code very easily to the GDL object and the low poly object will rotate but it has no effect on the high poly model rendered in enscape

    Can you please allow us this ability as all of the car objects are useless to me without this functionally

    I would just like a material editor for Archicad!!! and giving us the option for advanced settings if available is a no brainer, Enscapes speed is fantastic but if i could choose to take double or triple the time to render a higher quality render then that would be fantastic.


    "Our asset library for Revit, SketchUp and Rhino will bring the answer in October. I presume you'll like it."

    what about Archicad? dont tell me another new feature wont be available!!!!