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    I hope so, didnt think of that as its the 2nd of April here today

    As you can see i have had enough of software developers taking my money and not delivering on their promises, Enscape is just one of a number that i am dealing with currently


    Yes it does seem that Archicad is the poor cousin from enscapes point of view, Sketchup & Revit seem to get all the "new" features and we a left with a "lite" version for archicad. very disappointing and is going to make me look seriously into other options (Twinmotion/Lumion etc)

    I thought that 2.5 was going to be a major update (they have spent enough time on it)

    So i have just downloaded the new release candidate (2.5.033) for archicad.

    is there some document outlining what has changed as it appears on the surface not much has.

    After following this forum very closely was expecting a material editor, some way to manage views, ability to create our own enscape objects, among other visual enhancements

    I hope that i am wrong and am just missing some switch to turn things on (god i hope so)

    We need the ability to rotate the asset library objects in the Z direction, we can rotate them in plan but i need to be able to rotate to match a sloping ground (ie cars in a sloping driveway)

    I can add the rotate code very easily to the GDL object and the low poly object will rotate but it has no effect on the high poly model rendered in enscape

    Can you please allow us this ability as all of the car objects are useless to me without this functionally

    I would just like a material editor for Archicad!!! and giving us the option for advanced settings if available is a no brainer, Enscapes speed is fantastic but if i could choose to take double or triple the time to render a higher quality render then that would be fantastic.


    "Our asset library for Revit, SketchUp and Rhino will bring the answer in October. I presume you'll like it."

    what about Archicad? dont tell me another new feature wont be available!!!!

    Hi Simon.

    No point thanking me for my understanding when clearly I totally disagree with your approach and policy, your comment "Our goal is to provide the same level of quality and usability in all our supported products" is clearly not true, if so why are you working on additional "new" featured before ensuring that all supported products have the same level of quality and usability!!!

    Any way it looks like my comments are going no where here as you fundamentally don't understand my argument. So i will leave it there and look forward to a fully featured Archicad plug in the not to distant future.

    Still annoyed Nuge


    Fantastic thanks for replying, I certainly don't want to hold you back from the development so perhaps someone from enscape management should be engaged with customer communication

    While i understand where your coming from i cannot agree. don't forget that i am a paying customer of your product (and i expect a fully functioning product for the price i am paying - are sketchup user paying an extra fee for the enhanced functionally they have?), all of the discussions leading up to the release of the archicad plugin its been clear (to me and other users) that we could expect the additional channels (bump / normal etc) to follow quickly after the initial release (you your self indicated that very clearly on the forum). It now appears that we "might" get those features sometime in 2019. very disappointing.

    Enscape needs to change its approach develop an idea/feature (ie water control) and them implement it throughout all of the plugins, not we can get this done for sketchup or revit and maybe we might do it for the other plugins some time in the future (maybe)

    So from a paying customers point of view this is how i see things have evolved

    Enscape want to attract new customer base

    Provide archicad plugin

    promise that it will be fully featured

    provide incomplete plugin

    release promo video stating (just after introducing archicad as a new plugin) "and make use of all known functions"

    tell customers they now have to wait an unspecified amount of time to get the same features that other plugins have (for the same money)

    I was truly excited about you bringing enscape to archicad, you have a fantastic product and it works well within the archicad workflow but your development policy leaves a lot to be desired.

    Most annoyed


    No response, that's disappointing.

    Can you please give archicad users some hope that they will have a fully functioning plug in some time soon.

    Simon as you know i was one of the few that provided feed back during the beta testing and i love that we have enscape for Archicad, but i really thought that the development that you have been putting into sketchup would be transferred thru to the other plugins.

    I have been following the Trello enscape development board with interest but it appears to have been abandoned by enscape as none of you staff seem to be commenting anymore. is it still a true reflection of what you are working on?. If it is that those items will be nice to have additions to the software but not at the cost of basic functionally

    Please,please put some work into the archicad plugin so that it at least compares to whats on offer in sketchup and keep all of the plugins on a similar development cycle.


    thanks for your reply but that's a really disappointing response to a rather basic function that the other applications currently have and to say that you have higher priority's is a bit of a slap in the face for archicad users that just want what is being advertised ie to be able to use a bump channel. not something to difficult i would have thought.

    Enscapes future direction regarding material editor really needs to be debated with your client base as i see a general trend on this forum of discontentment with your current approach


    further to this you posted in 2nd July 2018

    "Multi GPU support is on our agenda and received a further upvote through your message. Thanks for your feedback!

    ArchiCAD lights should work without issues, but be aware that we currently don't support the following: parallel lights, sun lights, window lights, cube area lights and hemisphere area lights. Maybe some of these lights were used?

    Regarding bump, we'll support the cinerender-materials soon, but we'll also have to look into what is possible to render. There might be a material editor in the future, but for now it's not something which is planned."

    has something changed that your not now going to support this?

    Yes i have to agree with Marten,

    We have been promised the cinerender integration from the very beginning and its one hell of a surprise to see your response. your current policy of having different features for the different applications is ridiculous and something that you need to address quickly. having a basic bump or normal option in archicad is an absolute must.

    quote from Simon Weinberger in the Archicad early access forum May 29th 2018

    "We are planning to support (part of) the cinerender parameters. Perhaps we will use the keyword for things like grass and water. But right now this is not implemented yet. "

    Can you please give us an idea when we could expect to see bump/normal features within thew Archicad add on? ( i.e pulling the information from the cine render settings for a material)

    I think a better option would be to make Enscape use multiple GPUs. I render on octane with 7 GTX 1080s and i wish i could use all that horsepower in enscape!