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    Hello - I just upgraded to the latest version of Enscape, and now when I set up a video, the result seems to run in reverse. It has been a little while since I've done this in Enscape, but I thought the workflow was this:

    - Set an initial view where the video would start, then create a keyframe

    - Move the camera forward to the next view, then save a new keyframe

    - Keep moving thru the scene and saving keyframes

    Save the path

    But - when I preview the video (before exporting) it runs from the LAST frame to the FIRST (in reverse to how I set it up)

    What am I doing wrong? Do i need to "Back" thru the scene from end to beginning? I don't remember doing this before!


    Steve B.

    Thanks, Rick, for the info. I have gone thru the info for skyboxes, and have used them in other projects where a more general background is sufficient. However, on this project I need to use a site (drone) photo and match the 3D to it. I realize that you can insert a jpg as a skybox, but I don't need or want a 360 view/panorama. Can I not just insert a jpg as a flat image background, similar to how you put an image jpg in a Revit rendered view?

    Hello - I need some help with my Enscape rendering. I am using Revit, and I have use the Skybox approach for background images. But how do I get a simple jpg image for the background of my Enscape view? I have a drone shot that I want to use.


    Steve Blackburn