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    I see the vertical waterfall has been an unresolved topic since early 2019. It's almost 2022.

    Can Enscape make this a priority?

    Need to make it work for Revit.

    I'm also having this exact problem. Revit 2019. using online assets. Did anyone get help on this? Is it an Enscape issue or a Revit issue? Is the file corrupt? I have audited and deleted families. Still have the same issue. I'm on a deadline. Please help.

    Hi there, so I have an add-on comment to #3 above if someone could help.

    Revit 2019 and Enscape:

    I am exporting an orthographic elevation from Enscape with all the vegetation hidden.

    Then I am exporting the same file in reverse where all the vegetation is shown and the buildings are hidden.

    I would like to sandwich the files as layers in photoshop so I can play graphically with the transparency and color of the vegetation layer over the buildings layer. But there are 2 major problems that arise.

    1- The lighting of the all the vegetation changes in Enscape when various elements are hidden

    2- The vegetation file that is exported from Enscape is not exported as the same size as the building file (when the building elements are hidden) and then its quite frustrating and time consuming to scale it appropriately when bringing it in as a layer over the building file.

    3- Lastly it would be real nice to be able to have a specific scale to orthographic elevations.. but then again that would mean they would not be 3d views. I can deal with this one... but #s 1 and 2 would definitely make my life easier. Thank you.

    Yes, I have the same issue. We can not lock the orthographic views. They export to a different size everytime. We then link the files in an Adobe Presentation. So when we make changes to the orthographic view in Revit/Enscape.. and export it under the same name.. The linked file that gets updated will never come in correctly. Please work on fixing this soon if possible. I have wasted a lot of time trying to figure a workaround for this. Thank you.

    We separate our planting and entourage and use a mix of the standard Revit and Enscape families (especially as the Enscape assets don't view well in plan and elevation). We therefore have to put the planting and entourage on separate worksets to manage the visibility. This is time consuming and we constantly need to update the worksets as there are 6 people working on model at any one time.

    Overall, the fact that all Enscape's assets are in planting category, has cost us a lot of time.

    Completely agree with this. I have to have a seperate set of 2-d Symbols in the REvit floor plan because the Enscape Planting Assets look terrible in plan and the scale of their symbol never matches the scale in the renderings. Then when creating a 3d view, I need to sometimes hide all the planting symbols in Revit.. And then when in the REvit plan I have to hide all the Enscape assets. Everything is just double / triple the works. Symbols and assets are sitting on top of each other. Messy and time consuming to go back and forth.

    Yes, I desperately need to be able to set the sun location/ time of day for renderings. The sun location is key to every architect's design. We design most of the time based on the sun's and other site specific, natural element locations. This is Architect 101. If you are selling this software to architects, then assigning sun locations should be a top priority.


    (using Revit 2019) I have spent a TON of time with lighting and other visual settings for each one of my views in a file. I name and save the preset, then link the preset to the 3d view.

    But nothing seems to actually be saving. When I go to another view and come back to the old view.. its using the current preset.

    I then have to actually go into presets and select the preset for each view. What is the point of being able to link the preset to a view then?

    I have wasted so much time resetting / playing with visual settings over and over again and it seems impossible to get it back to the way I had it before.

    Am I doing something wrong or is it an Enscape glitch?

    Does anyone else out there have trouble controlling the daylighting? It seems to be its own animal.. the rendering looks different everytime I start it even with linked presets to it. Is there some kind of an Enscape lighting tutorial so I can get control over this?

    PS- I am also using 'Design Options' in Revit and sometimes the Enscape Renderings update with each design option I select and sometimes they don't. It's about 50/50 of the time. Is there something I am doing wrong here?

    Some things with Enscape are so intuitive... and then there are somethings that are just not. help please. thank you.