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    Hi Enscape Team,

    Our team has quite struggle with the video editor. Not sure the reason whey the interfaced kept changing through the past two years.

    The previous video editor method and interface was easy to understand and work with. Now, there are a few things just so hard to understand. And we had to spend time to watch youtube to seek our answers!

    Escape has been a great tool for our practice for internal communication, presentation and marketing. To be honest, we love enscape so much, and it is very sad to have this experience. Every time when any software changes its interface, it costs recourse and overhead of the firm to learn and adopt. It is not practice friendly if we had to expect to spend office time to search on youtube on how to use the new interface with new updates.

    Anyhow, here is the question we couldn't find answers:

    1. Not able to edit last keyframe time stamp? Do we need to add a fake last key frame, then use other video editing software to cut the video?

    2. We notice we could get out from key frame to edit the total duration. But when the total duration is edited, then every key frame duration got affected (either shrinked or extended)

    3. Can we disable the auto duration assign to the keyframe when we add a new key frame? I think it is base on the time we take to find the new key frame? or it is based on how far the new frame is away from the previous one. This is the area we dont need AI smart.

    4. Can we have the simple drugging option of the duration interface added back. Or just simply have previous editing Three click plus typing the number takes longer than just a simple drug. The previous interface is very much straight forward and saved us a lot time in editing. This clicking and typing method simply cost 3 secs more to edit each keyframe.

    We much appreciate if we could some help for No.1 and No.2.

    Many thanks,


    Dear Enscape community

    We had this issue with our Enscape for quite some time. When we run the enscape, there is infinite hole at the bottom of the space.

    It happens to both revit and sketchup environment, to any computers we are running in our firm.

    We reached out to the tech, and based on the instruction, we upgraded both our video card and enscape to the latest, re-installed enscape couple times. However, it seems this issue was unsolvable.

    Would anyone at Forum encounter the same issue and know how to solve it?

    Many thanks,

    Andrew from Atelier SUN

    Dear Enscape Team,

    Regarding the 2.7 release new basic control, can we add a feature to change the basic mouse control at next release?

    The basic mouse control (pan, orbit, rotate) was perfect, until 2.7 release 02/2020 came out, our entire office staff have to take time to adapt to the new navigate system.

    To be honest, we looked kinda goof in front of our clients that seems we dont know how to use our software...

    We will be much appreciated if we can set up our own basic mouse control at next release.

    Adopting a new control habit for the same program we have been familiar with for years takes time and office resource.

    Many thanks,

    Andrew from Atelier SUN.