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    A few days ago I installed enscape, I work with revit.

    After I installed it my pc crashed a few times, even without using Enscape, just using Revit. I reinstalled Enscape.

    No crahes anymore.

    Yesterday evening I installed Enscape again, immediately a crash using Revit.

    Today again.

    I reinstalled Enscape. I asked our support colleges, they told me that the specs from my pc are ok. The support colleges could never help with autodesk problems.

    Another collegue working with a laptop has the same problem, he crashes already more times.

    Another one tried to install it, but Enscape didn't start.

    Another one didn't dare to install the update version.

    We are all not really pc nerts and have not to much time and knowledge to fix the problem, what can we do?

    With the old version from Enscape we didn't have this problem.

    Hope you could help us.