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    Hey Rebrand0778 ,

    So the Oculus Quest 2 is a good VR headset, but it's a portable, standalone one. This means, as long as it's not connected via cable or strong Wifi to a powerful computer, it will not be able to display Enscape in real-time.

    You will be able to view 360 Panoramas, like with a Google Cardboard, but you won't be able to move around, change the daytime, or see changes to the model right away.

    If you want to enjoy real-time VR with full access to Enscape, go with one of the tethered headsets listed in this article

    So the Rift would be a better choice than the Quest 2 if you have a laptop?
    And what would be a good card into a laptop to can use E3D in realtime + cable connected?

    But with a desktop RTX2080Ti the Q2 would be a better choice if linked with a cable?

    That is a question that I also liked to see answered

    This was made with focus off as well.

    I've fixed it with photoshop but it is not a thing that I would like to do every time I have to make a panorama.

    Another thing that could be very useful is a material ID to edit panoramas like images too.
    Hope we have a solution.

    Any TUT I can learn how to get rid of the artifacts you have faced?

    With the M1 there is now a decade ahead of a fixed chipset architecture. That's hopeful;

    But that is not the only parameter to seduce a software developer to enter an OS ecosystem.

    Apple is well known to make drastic changes even just before a Key Note Event;

    That makes it, in some sense, an unreliable partner to work with.

    Although I think Enscape3D has a bright future ahead, only limited big shots have prior acces to unreleased soft- and hardware, which are back again subject of change.

    Would you enter a 'game' like this?


    This isn't officially supported at the moment - there is a "hack" I can provide you via a DM if you like, but we cannot guarantee that you won't run into any problems at the moment. I have still also gladly forwarded your request to our Devs.

    Let's get started... I catch up your DM Damian. Just point and shoot ;P

    I hope E3D will have a library in the near future like Twinmotin does for some time.

    Perhaps in 3.1?

    And here we are with the usual problem of 3Dconnexion drivers (10.5.15) that we used in SkerchUp 2020 by copying them from SketchUp 2019. We were satisfied with this solution given the nothing done by the companies concerned. Now SketchUp 2021 is out and our beloved and trusted old drivers don't work on this version. Surely 3Dconnexion will release a new version compatible with SketchUp 2021 but they will almost certainly not be compatible in conjunction with Enscape. I hope to be amazed !! If anyone has a solution, thank you right now !! I point out that Enscape works and also the 3Dconnexion peripheral works on the Enscape screen, on SketchUp nothing works, from error loading necessary files. Thanks for your attention .......... I hope!

    History repeats...

    software indicates there are 'no updates'

    I was able to pretty quickly save some common textures as I worked today. It is simple, but if prefer it in the program as a library. I dislike the sidebar in SketchUp for finding materials. I was also hoping for a library like Lumion in Enscape V3. We can still hope!

    Glad it worked out for you. It's not perfect but not a hassle either.