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    Yes, Twinmotion is currently more advanced (I hope it is temporary ;) ) but also much more expensive.

    Enscape enchants me so much that I do not have to create additional, external projects and the library does not burden the model to work.

    TM is free till October 2019... I don't think it's more advanced. The look and feel is more fine-tune-able into E3D. The library on the other hand is larger in TM

    I have the strong feeling my previous GTX card rendered better than my current RTX card.

    Is this possible?

    Even though the RTX isn't full supported today, I assumed a RTX would have the same outcome today as a GTX.

    My impression is that the RTX has more problems with the auto-exposure...

    … and the bypass with an eGPU's isn't possible since eGPU's doesn't work with BOOTCAMP…?!

    kittonian It won't happen this year. And we have to see how Apple realizes their announcement to cut of OpenGL for MacOS in order to force developers to their own Metal 2 interface.

    So Enscape will NEVER be rewritten or teleported in METAL2? Apple has left the support for OpenGL in favor for there own METAL…

    Hi There,

    It looks like this topic has been thoroughly discussed in the thread above. But I just want to add my voice to the choir to beg and plea for a version of Enscape that runs natively on a Mac.

    I had the absolute pleasure of using Enscape at my last job, and I have to say that in all of my years of using various rendering engines, Enscape is hands down the BEST. You guys absolutely nailed it. THIS is the way design professionals should be working. You have managed to take something that, for us end users, used to be overly complicated and incredibly time consuming, and made it fast, easy and most importantly, reliable. With Enscape, I am able to use my time DESIGNING, and not endlessly fiddling with settings to get my scenes to look right. And then VR is just icing on the cake. I never really thought much of VR in the past, but now that I have used it in a professional setting, It's is hard to imagine how I am going to function without it.

    I'm hoping that there will be an announcement at the upcoming WWDC that will convince the Enscape team that Mac OS will work.

    If it does, and if you guys ARE developing a Mac version, I would love to be a tester.

    - Count me in to be a beta-tester !

    - Any workaround to have Enscape running on a Mac?

    - how recent needs the Mac to be? OpenGL 4.2 min to have Enscape running is

    - Any suggestions? What to look at if buying a new one…

    - can eGPU work with BOOTCAMP. Apple's website BOOTCAMP doesn't support eGPU's


    - rent a PC

    - rent a PC into the cloud >

    and hoping the Mac support will arrive any time soon…

    But when I READ THIS…rly-supported-on-Mac-OS-X

    my hopes gets very low…

    Hi I'm having a Mac too;

    Figuring out how I can run Enscape on a Mac;

    - eGPU can't run on BOOTCAMP + WIN 10

    - Mac doesn't support OpenGL 4.2, the min. requirement for Enscape

    - (Mac = OpenGL4.1 !) Read:…rly-supported-on-Mac-OS-X

    - I read that some Mac have 4.2, although officially stated Mac's only supports 4.1


    1/ can I have Enscape running on a Mac after all? Any workaround? Things to look at especially ordering a Mac?

    2/ Anyone experience with Virtual PC's? I've found so far. Other suggestions?
    3/ Buying an PC + eGPU which I can hopefully use alternately on both PC + Mac