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    is there a way to keep a "frozen" library offline as a user?

    I understand that the enscape team is always evolving the library, but it scares us as a company to see how vulnerable we are to any of these updates that creates errors. I appreciate how fast Adrian responded on this thread, but unfortunately that was not fast enough for our deadline, and we had to improvise in order to replace these assets, but if this would have happened with other assets that are used more often or assets we all have gotten use to see and that are already embedded on previous iterations, just makes the whole process of working with enscape a bit uneasy.

    I understand things will break as the product is developed, but it will be good for us as users to have a fail safe for these cases. must softwares we can always go to the previous version, if we could do something similar with the library, or just give us an option of when to updated it.

    I might be missing something in the way this work on the backend, but as a user it is a problem for us.

    hi, I have followed the solutions on previous post and we are having assets scale problems today.

    This is happening with the pampas grass asset, file was working fine yesterday.

    this is a big issue as file was set up for renders on presentation we have due tomorrow, and having to deal with asset scale issues like this makes us loose confidence in using enscape.

    this shouldn't be happening, or at least we should have a way to go back to how things were 24 hours before from our side.

    Thanks Demian, yeah that's what we have been doing, but sometimes (most of the times tbh) you adjust the settings even after you have exported them, and it takes extra time to make sure those were the last settings you were using.

    Also, for large files, it used to be really useful to start Enscape in low quality as the start time would be reduced, and then as you make sure you have everything you need, you will incrementally increase the quality. Even though on the new update that initial time has been reduced a lot, it is still something that affected our workflow, so its just a thought. It might be a good thing to at least give the option to start Enscape in a low quality mode, to make the start faster.

    Hi, with the Enscape 3 update and the new interface, we lost the possibility to see the settings inside a file without running Enscape.

    This was really useful when trying to match settings from a previous file, or just to export them. Specially on large and complex files that running Enscape takes some time, so what could be a quick task now it takes way longer than needed.

    It seems really important to have it, specially as now any change in settings get saved into the settings automatically, and going to previous files to rescue old settings after test seems to be part on the normal workflow nowadays. I preferred the way it was before that you will have to click save settings in order to keep the changes, but value a lot knowing what setting I'm working on, maybe a getting a pop-up asking to save before changing to a new setting would solve this issue, but this is a different topic.

    Maybe someone has found a way of doing this and I'm missing it, but I couldn't find it.

    Not sure were should i put my vote but yes! IES support in rhino would be amazing! one of the hardest part i have found dealing with enscape its the miss and hit of rhino lights. IES lights would make a better more accurate images.