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    Could you please turn off the "auto reduced quality to medium when scene getting heavy" (or at lease give us a switch button), this is a long issue when 3.0 show up, basically when a scene gets poly heavy, the real time rendering quality start to reduce to medium, we have to stop moving the mouse and wait for the engine to kind of "catch up", sometimes it never catch up to a high quality, instead it sits on "medium", the model looks "lit by weird blue-ish GI", especially the interior. The weird effect happened on 3.x and never happen in 2.8

    oh another not-a-bug-but-pretty-annoying thing, when camera view go higher, the shadow start to bluring, then vanished. Can we have an option to persist the shadow from far away? Please don't advise enabling the raytraced shadow, that is too much vram cost and too much fps drops...

    btw, do we have a time frame of supporting touch gesture for standalone? it's been a looooong time since 2.x~~

    thanks guys!

    We've used the ability to edit the guid's many times

    Hi, how did you find the exact guid for a specific model in sketchup? I would like to locate an asset's texture but in sketchup I don't see any guid related stuff on a group object or component object as well. Could you please show us some images where I can find the guid? thanks

    do you think the sketchup version can remove rendering resolution limit? currently it limits to 8k x 8k but I can see when rendering a 360 image it can go up to 16k x 8k, so I guess the rendering still image limit can be removed? or at least increase to something like 16k x 16k.

    Thanks! I'll forward your feedback - can you also let me know which advantages this would provide you so that I can also forward that?

    Thank you Sir...

    Well the advantage of auto full-screen is, imagine when you launch standalone remotely using a phone, or a tablet (usually with RDP or a pc game streaming app with virtual 360 controller built in etc), you don't have to manually "maximize" the window every time when launching. because it's a bit painful to correctly "touch" the maximize icon with a tiny small screen phone.

    Personally I have other request list for the standalone :)

    1. ability to automatically entering full screen mode when startup a standalone file. I've also try with a small app called fullscreenzier but it crash the standalone.

    2. ability to play animation inside standalone.

    3. ability to interact with dynamic components like opening door, windows etc.. directly inside standalone.

    4. ability to place a always-face-to-camera "Text Holder" like the 2.8 create issue did, but instead of an big icon, a customizeable text holder will be much better(like twinmotion did).

    5. Most important thing is, a true touch-screen support inside standalone, at least can be able to zoom in/out and rotate/pan the camera with fingers.

    Sorry for the long list...

    It seems twinmotion can provide such feature above, but damn~ I just love enscape ^^ I hope you guys can seriously consider making the standalone a bit more better