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    If you are relying on "emissive materials", then you are more likely to into problems: if the camera can't see the emissive surface, then it's visible effect is reduced the further from the camera it is (one of the optimization stages).

    You can combat this with an actual light source but again they are optimized depending on the distance from the camera.

    They now do, however I think there should be a user customization for the "time-out" of the new tag

    (And define the start of this time-frame from the date downloaded rather than the date released)

    Quizel Bridge allows the import/export of megascans (HQ assets) into the majority of gaming & 3D modeling engines - it would be really cool if you could use this to export the megascan model as an Enscape asset.

    (at least look at the management of the assets for inspiration for a good way to interact with assets)

    Ah - yea, mine was/is more of a "as you are presenting" rather than an overlay on an exported image.

    I suppose if Enscape recognised two dimensional lines (*) and text objects then it should be able to show dimension lines - just a matter of turning them on/off. (I suppose that this could also be related to the new BIM features too.)

    (* as has been requested recently deitaling of render and older requests)

    for small objects it's not unknown: if this is the only thing in your image, increase the scale (eg x10) and it will 'fix' the issue.

    Don't know if this is the same thing: I have found that in every version of Enscape navigation within the Enscape window 'jitters' now & again. It's as if the navigation is too quick for the rendering and has to jump to catch up.

    To limit the effect I turn down the sensitivity of the spacemouse - the jumps are less noticeable when they are smaller.

    In case you're using SketchUp (or Rhino, or ArchiCAD) for example, you can make use of the material editor to define the exact length of your grass.

    Actually you can't define the exact length of your grass - although this has been requested many times.

    What you can do is define a percentage height and a variation percentage.

    (You used to be able to set a surface with grass just under your main surface so that the tips of the grass showed through, but this "bug" has now been written out. )

    Why would you not use it this way?

    You are walking around the model and taking 'snapshots' as you go - why not keep the aspect ratio as you move so that you can quicker frame each image? Seems a quicker and more streamline workflow than having to move to roughly the right place, open the safe-frame, save the location, close it again, move to the next point...

    It might have a better argument if the adjustments you made in safe-frame mode were saved back to the view again, but the only way to do that is to create a new view and delete the old one.

    (I wouldn't want it open when I'm playing with the model, but toggling it so that it's open all the time that I am generating images would be useful.)

    When you assign a specific bump and shine map to a material, the actual image file used is not saved with the model: only the path to the file.

    If I use a local location for these images, any time I now view the model on another machine and the bump/shine maps are missing. (The albedo is saved within SU - no problems with this texture and it works if "use albedo" is loaded for these maps.)

    Is there a way for Enscape to actually embed these images within the model?

    Just FYI developers, I'm sure that you have already subscribed to this youtube channel, but I found the latest paper discussed interesting...

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    When you apply a photo-matched texture to a surface, the actual image is still rectangular, but SU adds some information to the image/surface that tells it how to deform the rectangle so that it maps properly. (Probably the relative x,y of each corner).

    Enscape does not understand all of these transformations and so just does it's best. (Probably Enscape can't access this info through the SU API)

    When you "Make Unique", it converts the stretched image to a flat rectangle image of just the right size to fit the surface - Enscape likes this and can show it just like every other texture.

    I have mentioned this before, but the terms to search on are really, really poor.

    With so many new assets and the ever increasing library the search bar becomes the best way to try and find assets, but the terms seem to be very specific to the items and don't include any alternative wording or terms that would be included in a generic search. (Also note that the actual "Tag" names are not included in whatever the search looks at): examples...

    Light, kids, ornament, kitchen, child, red, seat, etc.