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    (Not that it's a poor suggestion, but you can "manually" do it with a tiny bit of work: Colonial Farmhouse.

    Personally I do it this way within SU as well: I don't like the section fill that SU uses - I can fill with a colour or even put a slight transparency on the fill, or I can exclude furniture/dressing from the cut plane... much more control.)

    (SU Enscape 2.7.0+18848)

    minor aesthetics...

    When "Batch rendering" more than one image there are two progress bars - the 'normal' one that runs through the rendering process for each scene (works OK), but the one that should update to show the progress of the batch fills up to 100% with the first image renders.

    (And the [cancel] button breaks the chain of what to render next rather than actually stopping the current render - good idea, but I would prefer two buttons; perhaps a 'pause' and a true 'cancel')

    ...the UI can make or break a feature. It seems wasteful to first develop a feature and then have to trace back based on feedback.

    The existing UI (for just about everything) has the appearance that each section has been developed by a different programmer and simply 'bolted on' to the base package: I have a hope that it will at some point go through a huge face-lift and unify all the elements with a well thought out and designed UI... perhaps with V3.

    I was also wondering why there is no option to just render the current view- why do you need to create a new view to render?

    Not very intuitive, but if you simply click the [render] button without selecting a view, it will render the current view. (The top "render viewport" option is automatically selected.) Or you can use the hot-key.

    You need to make use of the "load/save" video buttons: Enscape can only have one path loaded at a time.

    After generating all the videos you then need third party software to stitch them together.

    My mistake: if you don't click on anything, this option is selected by default.

    Feature request: currently if you deselect all the scenes, the [render] button is disabled. It would be better if the [Use Current Enscape Viewport] option becomes selected instead. With the UI layout and bold and roll-up divider, it's not immediately obvious that clicking on this does anything.

    Request 2: The [Select All CAD views] button need to change to [Select current viewport] when all views are selected to toggle the option. (At the very least, make the title-case uniform)

    Request 3: add/remove selected views from the 'favorites' list directly from this UI

    The main flicker I see is with the taps: are they modeled as 'tubes' or 'cylinders'? Try making both the inside and outside materials the same?

    The 'square' I think is just an artifact with the way the scene is rendered (The viewing screen is split into various squares that it renders on every frame. The program decides if it needs to render a square, the order that it renders these, how it decides which bit to render first, ... how it decides is some of the black-magic voodoo that makes Enscape so quick. I guess that the square you see flashing is the result of the camera at that exact angle having just the wrong proportion of black to white pixels that makes it confused. You could try changing the coffee machine a little bit or re-position it?)

    (It took me a bit of time to work this out; but if nothing is selected from the list when you click 'render' then it renders your current Enscape window - if you click one of the views, then it renders that view.)

    Preview 5: yup - same thing:

    - draw a box

    - add a section plane to intersect it

    - turn all the section plane buttons off (planes, cuts and fills)

    - click the create scene button

    SU both creates the scene and makes it the active scene. The scene that Enscape created has the "cuts" & "fills" activated and the Enscape window shows this.

    (SU2019 Enscape 2.7 preview 4)

    When clicking on the button to "create scene", if I have a non-active section plane in my model, it automatically becomes active as the scene changes within SU (and is generated) to match the enscape window. This then updates the Enscape view to show the cut section when I didn't want it to.

    (I generally create the scene after I set something to start rendering an image... I'm just waiting for something to break as it starts to render and I quickly toggle the section off again.)