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    The most basic of animation effects would be to replace a specific texture with a movie/animation file (that is just a series of images.)

    Then there is already a "water" animation: applying the shading element of this to grass or leave textures should be able to reproduce ripples and animation in other surface assets. It could also be applied to smoke or flame assets to give them some life.

    Edit: Actually I would love to see an animated bump-map that could be applied to textures - you could produce wake ripples, raindrops, moving scales, waterfalls, ...

    The next step would be actually manipulating the points that create the geometry of existing assets in 3D space. This could be used to open doors or move ducks on a pond.

    Then there is an in-between stage where you sub-divide a surface to create points on it, then agitate these points. This could be used to create true 3D waves that would be seen at the union of 'water' planes and other surfaces or curtains that blow in the wind.

    Then you get "true" animation where one set of 3D geometry is transformed into another set of geometry over a specific time-frame.

    I think re-setting has made it less noticeable; only see it where two components intersect/share a common edge (fireplace is within the wall geometry but over the doors has three components intersecting - doors, lintel and ceiling.)

    Enscape-2.7.0-preview.3+17930 - SU

    I have outlines set to "none" and 0%, however it still looks like there are outlines on the geometry* - especially noticeable on ceilings and anything with a 'default' white fill.

    * attached - notice the fireplace, ceiling on the opening and over the patio doors.

    (It was/is the same in 2.6)

    Just downloaded/installed preview 3 : the 3D mouse still does not work...

    ... UNTIL I have used the normal mouse to navigate a little bit: Click out of the main Enscape window to change a setting or go to another application, then click back into it again and the 3D mouse is not doing anything. Use the mouse to navigate or look around for a second and go back to the 3D mouse - it works.

    I know that it is designed to be used in conjunction with a normal mouse, but I tend to use it solely in Enscape with the same hand.

    Personally I use as 70º FOV for external views and showing site layouts. Internally I use a 100º FOV to see more of the room and get a better feel for the space.

    When presenting between inside and outside views, (to keep these FOV settings) you would have to go back and forth between the settings and the walk-through - Currently I just leave it at 90º

    At the risk of repeating myself, this could be very easy to do if the FOV was saved with the favorite views and changed when you clicked on them. Like Keyframes do. (Or as I am told, like they do when you click to batch render.)

    It's based on the UnReal game engine, so the actual rendering and lighting is 'straight out the box' built-in. Enscape have their own rendering and lighting engine and it's twinned with the model geometry in real-time - back ends are poles apart.

    ... however it does show that some of the more fanciful ideas/features are possible.

    While it's not advertised as a real-time render, the latest 2020 preview of Twinmotion seems to show off about 90% of the ideas/feature requests that have been put forward here.

    I don't think it's a very well thought-out toolbar: things have been added and shifted as they come along.

    Having 'output' buttons separate from the rest I think is a good idea, but I think that some of them are miss-placed...

    - [Start Enscape] First button; excellent choice. Not sure you need the 'play' icon over the top of the logo, but some folk do need a little prompt. Perhaps it could change to a 'refresh' icon rather than a 'play' icon if it's running already.

    - [Live updates] Since this is a mode-toggle I feel some sort of HUD icon would be more appropriate or a sub-menu pop-up under the main 'start enscape' button. Perhaps a change in the main Enscape button to show that live updates are active? (Change the colour?)

    - [Sync views] Again, this is a mode-toggle; some sort of indicator in the program/on the button. Why do these view mode options get a dedicated button when other options don't? (For example 'safe frame' or any check-box in the settings)

    - [View Manager] Aesthetically, it's a picture of a 'video' camera when it relates to the views created with the 'SLR' camera button. If it actually managed the settings for each view and let you change/update/recall the settings it would be brilliant, but all it does is allow you to mark favorites - which should be automatically set when you create a view from within Enscape. I think it should also come after the 'save view' button rather than before it.

    - [Save view] An icon of a camera. To me that is for taking a picture and I have to deliberately not click on it when I want to render an image. It may be antiquated, but the disc icon or a folder with an in icon would make more sense to me. With most other programs you get a 'save settings...' button from the folder location/file name popup dialogue that shows you the "capture" settings - this would be handy. It would also be nice to access these settings directly from the main toolbar button.

    - [VR headset] To me, this should be the second button after the main Enscape one: it's one of the primary USP's of Enscape. Personally I don't have a VR headset, so can't comment further.

    - [Enscape Objects] I do think that the icon is too similar to the start button (as per the OP), but it wouldn't be needed at all if the contents under it were in a separate toolbar, including the next button (assets).

    - [Assets] Other than being another Enscape object to be included with the others, there are loads of things that could be improved with the asset UI. See other threads.

    - [Materials] (SU) I like the fact that it's beside the 'objects';

    - [Enable/Disable sound] Another on/off setting that I think should be within the 'general settings' rather than having a dedicated button.

    - [General settings] I think for clarity this should probably be a 'wrench'*' icon that most programs associated with "settings that change the way the program works". (* or 'cog' icon, but it then becomes too similar to the material settings icon)

    - [Visual Settings] The 'sliders' icon is quite appropriate, but I think it should be beside the 'save view' icon since you are working with settings that change the view. Perhaps there could/should be a button for each of the tabs: Rendering, Atmosphere, Image & Capture. (or a call-out that would open the selected one)

    - [Feedback] I get that by putting it on the front, main menu you are encouraging folk to give comment and an easy place to communicate, but I think that this should be another tab within the general settings (along with links to the search function on this forum.)

    - [Info] I think that this is another button that should be within the general settings and/or linked to a [?] button on both the settings dialogues.

    The other toolbar (capturing)...

    - [Render] While the icon of an arrow to a picture does convey the concept, personally I find it very similar to the other 'capturing' buttons and can get confused with the camera button for saving a scene. You also have the 'save movie' button that has a mini-folder icon: I think changing this to a simple folder icon might be better.

    - [Exe] I like that the icon does what it says, but I feel that exporting the whole model deserves a division from just exporting a screen-shot render.

    - [Web] Since the icon is similar to the Exe button you get what it does, however I think that it should be beside/within the web management button (and/or the 'document' behind the image should be a globe)

    - [Video Editor] This toggles the mode into 'movie editing' - it would be better shown as a movie camera similar to the ones you actually place within the mode. This is another "mode toggle" that perhaps should be grouped with the other view mode toggles?

    - [Load path] shown as a folder icon over the movie... only one small detail; I would prefer if the folder was an open folder, but I think that the load/save and render options should be available from within the movie editor rather than having buttons outside it.

    - [Save path] This icon only activates when you have two or more keyframes generated/loaded. A disc over the movie is an OK icon, but you are not saving the movie - you are saving the path: it would be better if the disc icon was over a movie camera. However (again) I think that the button it's self should be within the video editor.

    - [Generate movie] This arrow points down, the generate still points to the side so it's inconsistent with the previous visual cues. I think the save path is a better icon for this command.

    - [Generate panorama] Icon is representative, but it just does it and reverts to the last view: you are not given any option on what to do with the generated panorama either before the action or after it - when you generate a movie or still it asks where to save it; why does this not? you have to work with the next button to generate them. I think this should be inside that dialogue or/and open that dialogue.

    - [Manage web] The icon is representative of the description, but the function requires a bit of an overhaul: The panorama options should only refer to the current project. The removing (updating?) of a web project should only refer to the current project. Anything that refers to the program as a whole should be accessible through the general settings dialogue.

    Note: these are my thoughts and comments - an enthusiastic user rather than a developer. I feel that the whole UI is in need of an overhaul to bring a cohesive feel to every area of the program. Unfortunately 'cosmetics' are normally pushed to the back of the development queue while other "cooler" things are worked on... probably have to wait for version 3 ;)

    Gadget Is it? If you're using matching maps to begin with, it should be nothing more than entering the same values in the "Explicit texture transformation" fields?

    If you're not using matching textures, it's probably an issue anyways? Or am I mistaken?

    The most common time I find this happening is when I use a generic 'noise' bump and/or a generic 'scratched' shine map: want to position marks 'just so' on a surface and can't.

    The other thing I've had issues with is that I have one bump and shine map for a timber or tile floor with a specific layout/pattern, but several different albedo's showing different colours. If I increase the resolution/size of the bump in comparison to the albedo, then it can be tricky to get them to line-up again. If I want to apply one of these bumps to a flat colour with no albedo, then there is no way to position them.

    andybot : How do you scale your images? If you type in the x,y values from the edit materials tray in SU then the associated maps transform with it. If you use the r-click option to edit materials, then only the rotation element will be applied to the associated maps. (* I'm fairly confident this is the case because this is my work-flow and I always have to scale the materials in SU.)

    I don't think that scaling is that much of a problem - the problem is trying to position of the overlying bump and reflection textures in relation to the albedo.

    The linked settings will currently only have effect when batch rendering, not during real-time walk through. Any feedback on this is of course welcome!

    Feedback: Why?!

    I can't actually test the latest preview and come back with more constructive feedback until the space-mouse issue is resolved, but it does not seem well thought-out: how can you run-through and check what the settings look like before you hit 'render' ?