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    The background is under "setting | atmosphere" tab - un-tic the "White background" to see the sky.

    On the same tab select "Forest" from the "Horizon | preset" drop down.

    With regard to the ceiling coving I believe that's what it should look like, If you want it to look more like the sketchp model you could put the "Outlines" up a few percent (first option on "settings | general" tab)

    We have a large projector screen in a dark room with a sofa for clients. It uses active shutter 3D so that everyone can view models in 'true' 3D... unfortunately enscape does not (yet) have this capability, so I'm showing them around a 'flat' 3D model (still very impressive).

    I think it would be really cool to have a shadow mask that can be placed between the sun and the model:

    o Mask shape selection : Forest, Grass, Traffic, Buildings, Crowd, Zombies, Rainbow, Disco lights, UFOs, (clouds, birds, planes, leaves, rain…)

    o Shadow height : Distance up from horizon the mask will start - below this will be solid.

    o Slider for strength : How dark the thrown shadows are and how sharp the edges are

    o Slider for fade : Solid towards horizon -> transparent towards the sky. Perhaps a 2 way fade so that sky effects could fade towards the horizon.

    o Slider for saturation : Stained glass and disco ball effects with full saturation, vague grey shadows with no saturation

    o Slider for animation speed : perhaps a gif animation? people walking by a window, leaves moving in the wind, flock of birds flying past, etc.

    The idea is that if you looked, you wouldn't see anything actually blocking the sun; just the 'shadow' being cast.

    The 'paper mode' is good, but you have to tweak other settings to switch between "reality" and "model" - it would be handy if the following options were linked to the 'paper mode' check box:

    • bump maps; could they be removed or even better, have a slider to adjust their 'depth' while in this mode?
    • grass; could the level of detail be reduced so that it looks like a 'smooth' surface with jaggy edges? Perhaps linked to the bump-map' texture slider above?
    • outlines; could they not outline the grass? it just looks like a grey/black mass that distracts from the over-all look.
    • Can there be a check box to turn the sky off when paper mode is selected
    • if the 'White background' is checked, could this be flipped to black when the sun drops below the horizon?

    The ASDW navigation is standard for most things, but it might be handy to map them to 8462 on a number pad. Similarly using QE for up/down - I would prefer to use <l-shift> and <space> (erm.... because minecraft uses that.)
    [edit] I am also getting fed up with accidentally double clicking when trying to navigate - would be nice to re-assign that function.

    Are there any plans to allow the customisation of navigation keys?

    On a related note, can there be a key to push the current camera position within enscape into the native application?

    Oh - and can the camera orientation be changed from the mini-map too?

    OK - I can reproduce the error (in your model - does not occur in any of mine, but I know why...)

    The problem (I think) is because some faces at 90º to the visible ones have a different fill (or no fill/default fill). Or that the edge lines have no fill. Personally I only ever apply a fill to a group, never just a single surface; an extra step while modeling that saves clicking around my model later to colour-in.

    I fixed it by selecting everything within the group, filling it with 'default', then exiting the group and filling the group with the dark colour.

    <edit> Having the touching faces the same colour fixes the Z fighting too - but I think removing them as suggested above is the better solution.

    I'm i the renovations & home improvements field - nothing worse than creating the ideal layout and space for a client, then they complain about some minor dressing of the room. I've taken to shoving all that on a separate layer now; it's not economic when 80% of your time is spent arranging furniture rather than selling the room it's in. Similarly I tend to show interiors at night so that they can't be distracted by the garden (unless they have a fantastic view).

    This is where a web based walk-through is ideal.

    As a related tangent, would something like an in-built "team viewer" work? Instead of sending an exe you send an invite for them to view it on your machine?
    For example the enscape website has a "request free personal demo"

    Alternatively, could it be an installation msi file? I don't know what implications that has. (I am one of the people who tells everyone else never to open exe files)

    All the sliders and options have a numerical value attached to them - can these numbers be typed in rather than using the mouse? Perhaps click on the value and change it (return confirms and exits the field)?

    And the R/L arrows increase/decrease the values by a small amount? Perhaps hold mouse button down and use arrows to fine-tune? Use up/down to jump in (eg) 10's?
    (I know that R/L arrows currently move by 0.1% in a percentage bar, but if the value is from -10 to 10 the step value fluctuates and up/left (& down/right) perform the same function.)

    Don't get me wrong - SpeedTree is an amazing package that does what it does amazingly well. But unless I am an exterior garden designer it is just dressing to make the main object of my presentation look good - TBH I don't want the scenery to look better than (and/or distract from) my model.

    The central base under your model currently pulls all the colour from the bottom edge of the skybox into the middle. It is a nice way to fill the base, but sometimes it would be better if the base could be defined without having to put a huge floor texture into your model.

    Can there be options for the base? -

    - mapped skybox (current)

    - colour pallet

    - pick a texture from model

    - select image (stretch, scale or tile)

    And some sort of blend to smooth the transition between the bottom of the sky box and the base?

    When the strength of the sunlight is changed, can it also dim the sky-box image used as the "horizon"?

    And can the Fog atmosphere also have an effect (or stronger effect) so that when at 100% you can't see the horizon image at all?