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    The central base under your model currently pulls all the colour from the bottom edge of the skybox into the middle. It is a nice way to fill the base, but sometimes it would be better if the base could be defined without having to put a huge floor texture into your model.

    Can there be options for the base? -

    - mapped skybox (current)

    - colour pallet

    - pick a texture from model

    - select image (stretch, scale or tile)

    And some sort of blend to smooth the transition between the bottom of the sky box and the base?

    When the strength of the sunlight is changed, can it also dim the sky-box image used as the "horizon"?

    And can the Fog atmosphere also have an effect (or stronger effect) so that when at 100% you can't see the horizon image at all?

    Didn't realise there was a way to do it: Is there a list of keywords somewhere?

    (I used a small spotlight close to the source, pointing backwards. It works, but probably more intensive rendering required than just using an emitter.)

    I miss making a texture a light source; it's strange having a light bulb that emits light but doesn't glow. (As a development idea, can a 'glow' or 'bloom' setting be applied to a surface emitter?... when it is implemented.)