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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Thanks to everyone that offered an opion on a suitable laptop. Having visited the Razer Store in London (before lockdown!) I had an opportunity to test a standalone Enscape file I put together on both the Stealth 13 (GTX1650) and Blade 15 (RTX2070).

    I was very surprised by how well the GTX1650 ran things. I'll admit, there was some very minor pixelisation when moving around the space but for such a small and well built device, it work brilliantly.

    That said, the RTX2070 was so smooth. No lag, no pixelisation and great graphics. They were both priced the same and I loved the samll form factor but went for the Blade 15. The larger screen is very helpful (although I do connect it to a much bigger 49" monitor!) and I can upgrade memory and SSD easily (but so far have not needed to).

    I've been using it extensively while being unable to go into my office and use my workstation. So far, I would say it is the best laptop I have ever bought and would recommend it to anyone that needs portability and power.

    Apologies if this question ha sbeen answered elsewher but I am looking for a 'back-up' laptop for casual Enscape use. I use a Dell workstation with a Quadro P5000 16GB GPU, 64GB RAM and i7 CPU every day and this eats through pretty much anything I throw at it (Enscape, Lumion or Keyshot typically) but with the constant fear of having to isolate or work remotely for a week or two, I want something that can support short term use on low to medium sized projects.

    As such, I'm now stuck between two Razer laptops and would love to hear feedbcak from anyone familar with these models.

    1. Razer Blade Stealth 13 (Love the small form factor but unsure on capabilities of the GTX 1650 Ti Max Q)

    2. Razer Blade 15 Base Model (better GPU in the RTX2060 but a lot bigger!)

    A good selection of modern and classic vehicles is a very important element of any render programme. Many are let down with poor quality models, poor attempts at ‘trying’ to look like a particular make or model but not quite getting it right or libraries are simply not diverse enough. I cannot populate a UK car park with big American vehicles or models that make a detailed render look unreal.
    Ideally, I would love to see a Small range of good quality vehicles (small, medium and large cars, vans, trucks and construction) from the UK. Even just two or three really good models would be better than thirty bad ones.

    Thanks for the feedback. I attempted to load it up gradually and believe the culprit to be a ceiling panel file (the ceilings across 6 storeys are broken up into several thousand small panels! ?). I managed to get everything loaded and saw it briefly in the Enscape window before it crashed again.

    I’ve requested the standalone from the Architect so I can circumnavigate the problem. Wasting too much time on loading and continuing my hate for all things Revit! ?

    As for that Titan...?

    Log files sent but system resources shouldnt be a problem. The CPU, GPU and Memory is about as max'd out as you could get it on a £5k PC. I'm guessing it is more to do with workflow between Revit and Enscape. I'm more accustomed to working in SketchUp (even with 4-500MB files that just simply 'work' with Enscape and I'm most likely missing something when coming at it via Revit.

    Will keep trying! lol

    I've managed to get Enscape open with all but two files (the external envelop of the structure). When I link these in, it takes around 35 minutes to process 100% but then freezes on both the Enscape welcome screen and a blank Revit screen. The machine gives up around 20 minutes later!

    I've tried the two external models separately and they open with Enscape fine. It seems that once you put it all together you get problems. The funny thing is that I have Enscape proxies in the model and a rendered image from the Architect (unsing Enscape!) so I know it should work...just missing something i guess?

    All non essential elements, including those not seen in the desired image are turned off. The model is also cropped to include only the region itself. Turn off any more and there’s no point in using the model.
    The problem is that the space is so vast and yet includes so much (previously a famous Power Station in South London!) that even chopped down, the model is still huge and I feel, too big for Enscape. :(

    At what point do people typically find Enscape maxing out when working with Revit? I have a huge model of a well know London landmark project that sits at around 4GB but when I open Enscape it crashes at 73% and doesn’t even get to open up.
    I’m using a monster PC with an NVIDIA Quadro 16GB card, 64GB of memory and have had to ‘reluctantly’ revert back to using Lumion Pro 9 which works fine, albeit a little slow due to model complexity.
    Enscape is great but a little disappointing if I cannot use it on bigger jobs?

    Is it possible to insert am image (instead of a HDR) back plate? This is something I use a lot in Keyshot and helpful when doing interior visuals with accurate external views.