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    I really miss the favourite view tabs on the side.
    The view management doesn't work the same, it is linked to the active view in Revit, which doesn't improve speed.

    Please bring them back (for example just for the favourites like in the exe export)!

    Please add trucks, especially tractor-trailer combi's and extra long trucks;
    see also examples in the attached image.

    Please (again) add more various vehicles, especcially (as I am concerned) trucks like tractor-trailer combinations. We really need these voor distribution and warehouse related designs!

    Could the Navisworks support also be combined with the coördination model support (which is actual a Navisworks model) ?
    I'm really waiting for this to be supported ! Mechanical installation suppliers often only supply a NWD file to be used.
    Now there's no way to show these in Enscape while Navisworks doesn't export anything to another format.

    Also Navis models are much smoother and quicker to be handled in Revit so maybe this could be an opportunity for Enscape users to speed things up a little (by working with navisworks coördination models).

    Hope you will start working on this soon, thanks in advance!

    We are also dealing with a (mechanical) party which only delivers navis models.

    They put models together in Autocad from several suppliers into one very large navis model. Importing the dwg files into Revit is not possible (while Revit translates building elements but not all 3D Autocad objects) and converting to IFC takes 2 days work (for every update!). So using the coordination model is the only way.

    Not able to show my client what his project is going to look like in Enscape now - worthless.

    We HAVE to take our client through the navis model now which is a real pain;(

    I still really would like this feature to be implemented. In the current project I'm working on there is no other way then using the coordination model. You are right about the coordination model not being part of the model (as linked files are not) but it can be printed which is a sort of export, isn't it? Besides it is a 3D model which is visible in Revit so it should be able to make it work in Enscape also. Please try to put this on the agenda!