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    I wonder if there is a way to delete every Enscape setting, material settings, assets, and all the Enscape related stuff that is stored inside the Sketchup file.

    For assets and lights is easy, you can just delete them, but what about every single material settings and global settings? Is there a way to delete all that Enscape info that is stored?

    Thanks in advance

    yes, this is really annoying

    many times we have to modify the model or make some adjustments and render it again

    and plenty of times the clouds/lighting has changed and we have to change the time of day again for all of the scenes, to match the original renders


    One quick question;

    Im a Sketchup + Enscape user

    I have a 1070 TI and I almost only do still renderings (95% of the time, sometimes a short video)
    also i7-6700k, 64gb RAM and 4 SSD drives

    If I upgrade my GPU, will a RTX GPU like the 3060 TI suffer with bottleneck from my current CPU (6700k, 4 cores, 8 threads @ 4200mhz)?
    I know that my CPU will bottleneck RTX GPUs A LOT in video games, but IDK about Enscape... does it work the same way as video games?

    Thanks in advance