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    If you have a default scene in SU you could assign your preferred setting to it in Enscape, that way, when you open Enscape with that scene selected it’s those settings that are active.

    Do that in your template and every model you make using it will have those particular settings applied on render.

    There’s nothing stopping you from creating a few SU scenes that have nothing but Enscape settings applied so you can switch between them before/during running Enscape

    you are right about that, you can create multiple scenes and each one have its own Enscape settings and then save it as a template
    but you dont need to create scenes in the template to have your Enscape settings saved

    you just create your custom Enscape settings and delete the "default" ones, and save the file as the Sketchup's default template

    but of course it's much more productive to have multiple settings and multiple scenes saved in the default template, I do it too, its a real time saver

    Enscape has crashed for me a couple of times, because of a single component that I downloaded from the warehouse...

    at the time I thought it was because the entire model was too heavy (and it was, because my models tend to be 300-500mb with a lot of lights and vegetation proxies too)

    but as soon as I deleted the last 10 or 20 components that I had imported AND PURGED THE MODEL, voilá........ Enscape was running great again

    so I tested the model with/without those components, and both of those times it turned out to be just a single component downloaded from the warehouse that, for some reason, caused Enscape to crash

    please dont take my question in the wrong way, as its a genuine question:

    but why is it usefull to have the assets thumbnails in another folder if you can see them in the asset library, even when Enscape is not active?

    I just like to understand other peoples' workflow, because most of the times there's something that I can learn to improve my own workflow...

    PS- if this helps other people I think they should give you permission to share it....

    I've noticed this too, but I don't really mind about that

    Enscape has to change the scene/view, change sun position/settings, FOV, and whatever sketchup settings are applied to that new scene... and even recalculate if you are using individual settings for each scene

    If you render it individually you have to take into account the amount of time it takes YOU to change the scene manually and then press render again

    I usually just press batch render and go for a 10 minute brake

    I'm sorry if my reply was in any way offensive, it wasn't my intention

    What I wanted to say is that you shouldn't be worried about sketchup plugins. Eveybody uses them and they save you A LOT of tedious work, hours and headaches.
    And I never heard of a sketchup plugin stealing information or any wrong doing.

    What I think happened to you is that maybe you thought you were downloading a plugin and it was in fact some malware or trojan horse disguised as the real plugin...
    Like Demian said it happens with a lot of popular software, as they name the malware files with the name of plugin/software/whatever and even create web pages that look like the real ones, so you think you are downloading the real thing, and instead it's a .exe file malware

    But please dont let that bad experience prevent you from using plugins... they're the best thing about Sketchup
    Just use the extension warehouse like Demian said, it's all clean there

    lol.... what?? :D:D:D:D:D

    i'm sorry for laughing but that's one of the most paranoid things i've read in a while...

    so you are affraid of a simple plugin which is nothing more than a piece of code written with Ruby by an amateur programmer or the average sketchup user?

    then you shouldnt use Sketchup; or Windows OS; or Mac OS; or that browser you are using right now to login to this forum; or ANY other app you have installed on your phone or PC or Mac...
    they all connect with their servers and they all have access to that same info

    sorry for the off-topic

    I don't think you understood the problem.

    If you have the Enscape material editor already open, then when you select a material in Sketchup, it auto-selects/syncs, as expected. Everything is fine.

    But when you have the Enscape material editor closed and you select a material in the Sketchup model BEFORE opening the Enscape material editor, when you open it (click on the round checkered icon), it opens with nothing selected

    Observations 1:

    One of the reasons I skipped 3.4 was because the Enscape materials dialog didn't sync with the Sketchup one - ie I select a material in SU and it's automatically selected in Ens.

    this one, for me, is the one that i just cant understand how they havent fixed yet...

    in earlier versions we would open the Enscape material editor and it would open with the material that was already selected in Sketchup... made 100% sense...

    now we open the Enscape material editor and nothing is selected, we have to select the material in Sketchup again

    i thought it was just a bug and they would fix it, but many versions have been released and its still the same

    oh, and another UI thing that should be also super easy to fix, is the ability to select multiple scenes/views and apply a custom visual setting to those multiple scenes/views selected
    sometimes we have 20, 30 + scenes, and doing that one by one is just painfuly slow

    just my 2 cents

    i'm ok with having the option to choose between light and dark theme

    just make sure you don't replace the light theme completely and only give us a dark theme, like some softwares have done in the past years

    some of us prefer the light side

    IMO the problem with the current way of linking settings to scenes is that we have to do it one by one...

    sometimes we have like 40+ scenes, some interior, some exterior, night time, etc

    so there should be a way to select multiple scenes and assign the custom settings to all of the selected

    Please kindly make sure to submit a report with logs too if you haven't yet - The more we have the better we can troubleshoot the cause behind this.

    Right... at the time I was in a hurry so I just closed it, but I understand that it's useful for the developers. Next time I will

    So you are able to use the latest Enscape release, just not in SU2023?

    Yes, at the moment I'm using the latest stable version - 3.4.4 - with Sketchup 2022. No issues.