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    Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere, I've searched and cannot find an answer beyond registry edits to suppress update warnings, etc.

    Is there a way to set a custom Imported Texture path and Offline Asset path when rolling out this install/update firmwide to ~700 users? Where do these custom settings get saved? I may have found a .JSON for the Offline Asset path I believe, but nothing so far for the custom Textures path.

    Thanks in advance.

    There is a json file in your Documents/Enscape/Settings folder that stores the locations. We installed the update, then copied the modified settings file to every uses machine during the deployment.

    Looks something like this: (tabs didn't come through in the copy and paste)


    "Version": 2,

    "Settings": {

    "LastUsedAssetSource": {

    "Value": 1


    "LocalAssetsDirectory": {

    "Value": "Z:\\Enscape\\CustomAsset_Library"


    "OfflineAssetsDirectory": {

    "Value": "Z:\\Enscape\\Offline_Library"


    "UseOfflineAssets": {

    "Value": true


    "ShowOnScreenHelp": {

    "Value": false


    "ImportedTexturesPath": {

    "Value": "Z:\\Enscape\\ImportedTextures"




    Here are a couple sites, haven't tried them all.

    For file formats:

    I use blender to prepare the files first, so my preference is blender.

    FBX works well if is the more recent format.

    My fall back, works every time is obj, thou with obj format you have to work out the scale of the object.