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    Hello All,

    I haven't posted in a while as I have been extremely busy working on local projects in and around my area. This project has been met with excitement both by the residents and local officials as it will help local businesses thrive by transforming a small side street into a socially distant public gathering space. The design was made as a quick and inexpensive solution for the restaurant businesses who have been impacted most by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    For more info on the project:…poses-new-plaza-downtown/


    Steven Garubba

    Joseph Thompson Architect

    Looks very nice Lohan! It's a pretty convincing image already and the one thing I would say gave it away was the repetition in the gravel. Maybe try putting an object there to break the pattern. I would also suggest setting in your doors a little bit to provide more depth to the overall door detailing.

    P.S. I modeled those barn doors in the SketchUp warehouse, looks great on your design :)

    love your sketched planes

    Thanks Ben!

    Another masterpiece from Garubba !!!

    Haha thanks Pham!

    Those look great! especially the exteriors are extremely well done, oozing of atmosphere :-) And great to see the axonometric view being put to good use!

    The interiors are a tad too yellow for my taste, but I get that it is part of the lighting scheme :-)

    Thanks Herbo! I totally agree with you on the temperature of the lighting. I usually have it set to that for the exterior shots but should have switched to cooler lighting for interior shots in hindsight.

    It would be great if we could compare old to new shot for shot. They all look fantastic, but it's hard to see the improvements with a different view

    Thanks Archy, i will try and get a direct comparison when i find time.

    Steven Garubba , I remember working with that model for a while when I was creating some renderings for our release. :) Great to see it again, I always really liked it a lot. Looking at the rendering, it seems that there are some subtle improvements in lighting, better GI, but it already looked great back then no question.

    Im really glad :) thanks demian!

    Only really nitpicky thing I found is the perspective on the floorplan fonts of "Edibles & Pastries", "Puck bar" and "The hot box" looks off.

    Other than that: Absolutely stellar job. Your work might be up there with if not the benchmark for what can be done with Enscape. :thumbup:

    Yeah getting perspective right in birdseye plan is easier said than done from my experience :D This was also before the amazing orthographic setting we have now.

    I really appreciate your last remarks as well! :)

    Hello All!

    About 6 months ago, I had the privilege of designing a retail flagship space for a medical marijuana company which will be located where the industry is currently booming in the US, Arizona. Most, if not all of the millwork is custom to harmonize with the overall design of the interior architecture and a lot of thought had to be put into lighting and displays. This was the first time I have heavily used artificial light within a space to create visual importance in retail design and I think Enscape was more than capable of handling it all and helping me deliver a full rendering and design package for the client!


    Steven Garubba

    I agree with everyone that Enscape is king. :)

    However, if i were to give an honest critique to push Enscape even further... The tree assets from the asset library need to be fixed in terms of colors. When you compare the two images, you'll see that the leaf color is way too green that its not natural looking.

    If the Enscape team can work on pushing the hue more towards yellow on the color spectrum, it will improve every community member's images across the board.



    Glad to see your cleaning bananas in your pool now. :D

    I like the softness of colors/materials in this set of renders that you chose to incorporate. Makes it very enjoyable to view.

    Only thing I see is the inconsistency in the plaster arch/column and there seems to be some tearing in the either the mesh or UV Wrapped material? I'm curious how you attempted the imperfection of the arches because it does look fairly nice otherwise.

    It's look like Quixel mixer or subtance:D

    Did you use them to create channels for this texture?

    And the grass in the post looks really nice, Did you use the grass model and the plugin skatter to spread them?

    Yes, I am using Quixel Mixer to create custom materials! I created Albedo, Normal map, and Roughness from here.

    And yes, I'm using Skatter on a multiple grass models!

    Thanks! I encourage you to try out the program, its free!

    Once you have the layers adjusted to how you want them, the program recognizes the liquid layer as a puddle and exports the normal maps accordingly to the variation of heights/layers. This avoids the plastic look of wet materials. I don't need to adjust the roughness once it is in enscape.

    ... could you please share a visual impression (any screenshot) of the used texture material ?
    (even if I don't understand the enscape procedure yet, I understand your remark about photoshoping ;) )

    Here is a sample image of how to materialize wet/moisture onto an albedo with roughness map. Essentially you have the ability to adjust the threshold of the liquid plane onto the surface of the albedo/displacement and it'll produce a fairly realistic result based on height map.

    ... Steven Garubba - it´s perfect !!!

    ... and I never really grasped how that works ;););)

    Haha thank you, making materials and roughness maps on Quixel Mixer is fun and does wonders. Takes out the guess work, unlike photoshop.

    Really nice images. I love the roughness map on the ground, looks very good!

    Thanks Thomas!

    awesome renders Steven Garubba

    do you use Nvidia RTX ?

    Thanks! Yes i used an RTX 2700 on this project.

    Beautiful work. Please keep sharing :-)

    Thank you! I will try.:)