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    Looking good Akrarde! The proportion and detailing of the cabinetry look accurate.

    A few things to improve on:

    - Natural light is king when capturing spaces, specifically look at professional photography of kitchen interiors online.

    - Add some pendant light features above the island to add to the composition. We call a room filled with too many canned down lighting as "ceiling pimples"

    - Add handles to the drawers and cabinets.

    - Check fruit texture roughness

    - Use a high-poly model for the sink and faucet and look at how the counter to sink connection would be detailed.

    - Maybe add some appliances/cutting boards/utensils on the backsplash perimeter.

    Hope this helps!

    Looks awesome Steven, well done! :)

    Do you model in SketchUp?

    Hey thanks! Yeah I mainly model in SketchUp using linework from AutoCad, especially for this custom kitchen. In fact, the whole home was designed and built in Revit but I used SketchUp to detail out the Kitchen and Living Space.

    Decided to revisit this kitchen model to see what the difference is in rendering quality from the last time I rendered and I must say I am quite impressed.

    Added a couple more assets to push the render load. No clouds, Fireflies, and metallics look spot on. :)

    could you please add a picture to your SketchUp geometry? I would be interested how you have made and textured the apples:thumbup:

    And did you "skatter" the grass or is it native Enscape grass?

    btw - thanks for the poliigon link :)

    Hey sorry for the late reply EGIE, busy monday.

    Got the model and textures from as a blender model/scene, exported to .fbx and then used SimLab Composer 9 standalone to import .fbx and to apply UV albedo and exported to sketchup. Enscape understands UV data from Simlab export, then normal/bump maps can be easily applied from there.

    I used Enscape grass.

    Look awesome! One minor thing that confuses me: The two people in the lower left corner are nearer to the camera as the bench, still they are too small even if they would be located on the same height as the bench. This makes them look perspectively off I guess.

    Thanks for the comment Thomas, yeah I'm not happy about that part. Those figures were flattened by accident in an earlier photoshopping phase so I wasn't able to resize. Everyone at the office has been noticing that mistake, but I just tell them that she is just a "petite" mom. :D

    WOW! Good job! Looks really nice.

    I just wanted to ask if you can tell how you made the road and the sidewalk? And the textures look awesome, what site do you get these from? :)

    Thanks Byzox

    I modeled the sidewalk and crosswalk after shop drawings that were given to me by the engineer. For sidewalks, I model the basic shape with a curb at the ends, rounding the edges off for realism.

    I'm currently getting most of my textures from and

    Hey all,

    Started a conceptual model a while back when Enscape started introducing adjustable water. I've been looking into how our architecture will be transformed within cities that will be affected by the rise of sea levels. The idea is that this new structure would be integrated onto an existing structure as a new entry point for boats and such. Really just had fun playing around with the idea and the possibilities.

    The design takes influences from Shigeru Ban and Calatrava's architecture. Modeled with SketchUp



    Currently, I only send panoramics via weblinks to clients to get a good idea of the space that I just designed for them. They can easily view it on their phone and quickly get back to me with new ideas/changes without having to be on a computer which makes the process much faster.

    I plan to place QR codes right onto the construction document seeing that the field loves to see the space before building it out and it generally gives the workers an end result to work towards. However, the one thing I see that is missing from panoramics are the ability to place callouts indicating what the finishes are on the walls, ceiling, and floors as well as furniture and lighting. If there was a way for me to annotate and indicate what each element was for the builders, that would be super helpful instead of having them flip back and forth between the finish schedule and the plan.

    A diagrammatic image showing the structure of a colonial home in peel-away fashion, showing the framing and architecture. Made for a startup construction management firm almost a year ago using SketchUp and Enscape. Slight Post pro with SketchUp styles to enhance linework.

    The materials, mood and general quality are fantastic!!! I'm impressed how good the interior emitter texture work. Maybe a little bit less DOF could be good - I have the feeling there is a light doll house effect.

    Thanks for the comment Micha. This was the first time I had to make a shopping plaza look "alive" for night renderings and I'm pretty satisfied with the way I was able to produce fake interior storefronts with Jpegs with self-illumination. :)

    I agree I couldve toned down the DoF a bit.