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    Recently designed the second floor event space of the Wedding Barn! Personally, it was challenging to create unique arrangements with a variety of foliage and linen cloth drapery (in a rustic style I'm not typically used to doing), but I think it came out just fine! Not to mention, Enscape handled the heavy asset model very well.


    Steven Garubba

    Geez, i wouldn't find out by myself. I'm gonna try it and get back to you ;) Thanks a bunch

    right now i'm in a summerhouse without access to a real pc and enscape, so i can't verify this... but... i recall an issue with transmutr and enscape, where the UV mapping of textures are corrupted whenever a transmuted material is edited in enscapes material editor. to get around this, use the plugin called sketch-UV. with this, you can right click on a surface BEFORE editing the material, and click "save UV's). then you can edit the material as you please, and when the UV then screws up, just right click the surface again and select load UV. this should fix it :-)

    I've had the same issue from transmuted models for the past 3 months but realized there is a very simple fix. Before you start adjusting materials, remember what the default scale measurement is in the material window for sketchup (for U.S. its usually 10"x10"). When you start adjusting normal maps or roughness, notices that number jump and the albedo gets screwed up. Go back to the scale measurement and return that number to its original and that should solve the UV mapped issue.

    Let me know if that makes sense or works for you.

    Very nice work! Lots of great modeling details and the texture work you did on the entry floor, all the stonework, and barn siding are particularly excellent! Also really like the HVAC ducts in the ballroom. Well done!

    Btw, are those low, stone walls megascan assets? Looks like actual geometry and are awesome!

    Thanks a lot! Yeah those stone walls are from quixel, I know they are meant for Castle scenes but this one fit just right haha. I sometimes wish there were more Archviz models in the library.

    Hello all,

    Newest collaboration with my wife, Kylie Garubba and Joseph Thompson Architect, a 27,000 square foot rustic wedding barn venue! This site features a renovation to the existing farmhouse transformed into a hotel, restaurant and tavern, a brand new barn made from reclaimed wood timbers from the previous barn on the property and a large permanent tent and will be able to host three parties at once. The power of Enscape's engine allowed us to have a fully detailed exterior and interior all in one model to create a convincing atmosphere, so much that it helped the owners book weddings for next year before the construction has even been completed!

    Hope you Enjoy,

    Steven Garubba

    Kylie Garubba

    Joseph Thompson Architect

    Hello All,

    I haven't posted in a while as I have been extremely busy working on local projects in and around my area. This project has been met with excitement both by the residents and local officials as it will help local businesses thrive by transforming a small side street into a socially distant public gathering space. The design was made as a quick and inexpensive solution for the restaurant businesses who have been impacted most by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    For more info on the project:…poses-new-plaza-downtown/


    Steven Garubba

    Joseph Thompson Architect

    Looks very nice Lohan! It's a pretty convincing image already and the one thing I would say gave it away was the repetition in the gravel. Maybe try putting an object there to break the pattern. I would also suggest setting in your doors a little bit to provide more depth to the overall door detailing.

    P.S. I modeled those barn doors in the SketchUp warehouse, looks great on your design :)

    love your sketched planes

    Thanks Ben!

    Another masterpiece from Garubba !!!

    Haha thanks Pham!

    Those look great! especially the exteriors are extremely well done, oozing of atmosphere :-) And great to see the axonometric view being put to good use!

    The interiors are a tad too yellow for my taste, but I get that it is part of the lighting scheme :-)

    Thanks Herbo! I totally agree with you on the temperature of the lighting. I usually have it set to that for the exterior shots but should have switched to cooler lighting for interior shots in hindsight.

    It would be great if we could compare old to new shot for shot. They all look fantastic, but it's hard to see the improvements with a different view

    Thanks Archy, i will try and get a direct comparison when i find time.

    Steven Garubba , I remember working with that model for a while when I was creating some renderings for our release. :) Great to see it again, I always really liked it a lot. Looking at the rendering, it seems that there are some subtle improvements in lighting, better GI, but it already looked great back then no question.

    Im really glad :) thanks demian!