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    hmmm this interior image looks 90% real , it is very good

    my only coments is missing shadows from sofa under , due sofa high poly count and white thingy in glass reflections of the doors

    I agree, I noticed the same thing and will probably add soft shadowing underneath in post process to add to the overall composition. Without it, it does look a bit muted. Wasnt sure what to do about the white reflections.

    Hey guys,

    I finally got started on working on the interiors for this design and super excited to share the first room that got fully modeled out! I will share more as things progress!

    Steven Garubba

    DeGraw & DeHaan Architects

    Enscape v2.6

    The landscape modeling really brings life to the render. It is effective at providing context for the architecture, I would love to take a walk through the site!

    Something I have been having trouble with relates to the building model. My company works predominately with shingle style houses. I am wondering how you modeling such variation and depth on the shingles?

    Thank you! I wish i could show you, but the virtual reality in this model looks really cool!

    Im with you and in the same boat as you when it comes to modeling certain details on shingle style homes. Over the years, I just perfected the cedar shake texturing with roughness maps and normals. The 3d modeling of the shakes themselves are just icing on the cake that adds to the final image. I basically take triangular profiles, extrude across the roof plane and multiply it up to the peek. Then, I apply the UV Map with LibFredo's Thrupaint and planar wrap the roof plane to accurately match the shingle dimensions. This is something I should provide in a video tutorial at some point because it would make more sense on that platform.

    Hope that helps and thanks again. :)

    Very Nice!

    Are all of those trees/shrubs Enscape assets out of the box, or is there post processing done here (for the landscape elements)?




    Thanks Dave!

    I would say its about 50/50 with models being used from the asset library and my own landscape model library. If you check out the last picture, you'll see a screenshot of the sketchup model that shows a combination of proxy boxes and asset library proxies around the walking paths.

    All vegetation that you see came directly from the model, no post process.

    ... I love this entire impressive work - again: congratulations :thumbup::thumbup:

    Thanks! :)

    Great renderings! Really unexpected to find out that this will be a cannabis plant for CBD products. Since they're generally gaining popularity so fast it's not that much of a surprise though! :)  Penzluk , I'll also forward your asset wish accordingly! ;) I guess +1 from you as well Steven Garubba ?

    Thanks! Yeah its really unique and fun project to work on! Adding more cannabis sounds like a great idea to me and would be valuable to all the other designers who are making new dispensary designs across the states here as legalization is spreading. Cannabis models are scarce and limited i found out.

    Excited to share more images of this project! :)

    I had the opportunity to help the company in marketing and produce a large-scale board for the 2019 Cannabis Expo that was hosted in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center! In making the board, I wanted to produce a series of panoramics that people could scan directly to their phones using the QRs for each function of building. The final board came out to be 15ft x 8ft in scale.


    Steven Garubba

    DeGraw & DeHaan Architects

    Hey guys!

    I created this model a while ago when the asset library first came out around the same time that I took on multiple landscape rendering projects just coincidentally.

    Landscape Architecture and Design by Summerset Gardens

    Thanks and Enjoy!

    Steven Garubba, DeGraw and DeHaan Architects

    P.S.: Asset library needs Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons, and Juniper bushes. :) Also, I'm curious to see if others think the Asset Library's albedo for the leaves are too much on the green spectrum? Personally, I feel like the leaves on the vegetative assets could be more on the yellow spectrum for a more natural look?

    Hello All,

    Just wanted to share a new project design done by our team! Recently, we had to put together a set of images for the planning board that had to include site context.


    Steven Garubba

    DeGraw & DeHaan Architects

    Thank you! Yes, placed a couple tall grass elements near certain features that would be hard to mow around in reality. Most of the lawn is directly from Enscape grass. The performance is actually great considering I am running on a laptop with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070, framerates are smooth at the moment. However, I'm sure once i get to populating the interiors, the framerate will get bogged down a bit. The VR on it actually performs well too.

    Hello all!

    Over the past six months, one of our clients asked us to design a new home for them in the Hudson Valley area. The unique style came out of various preliminary sketches, multiple plan and elevation configurations, and finally, 3D modeled and rendered in order to understand the relationship between the building and site better (the best part!) Here is one of the first renders to come out of the 3D model! :)


    Steven Garubba

    DeGraw & DeHaan Architects


    SketchUp Pro 2018

    Enscape v2.52

    Photoshop CC 2019 (used Material ID layer for color grading/lighting)

    Nice work, what are you using for Vegetation? Enscape objects or other?

    Thanks! I'm using both Enscape Vegetation assets as well as my personal library vegetation through proxies. If you see my sketchup model, it just looks like a bunch of small clouds and wireframe cubes laying around the yard. ^^

    I'm also using chris fulmer's scale and rotate multiple objects tool to prevent the vegetation from looking cloned and give it a natural look with variation. It's a game changer and its free.

    Steven Garubba Those roof tiles indeed look great. What's your workflow to set all those up? Do you just create some tileable groups/componentsa or do you copy/paste them one by one?

    Thanks Matthias! Short answer is I copy and pasted rows of the shakes in 3D based on real dimensions and profile of a cedar shake. Use "thrupaint" from LibFredo's plugin set "Fredotools" to stretch and UV Map the Cedar shake texture. Long answer would be in a video tutorial that I dont have time for unfortunately haha.

    Steven Garubba beautiful renderings and just so much attention to detail! :) Thanks for sharing Steven.

    Thank you Demian!

    @Steven Garubba , was this modelled in Sketchup? where are all the flowers from?

    You're renders are also so beautiful and detailed!!

    Thanks Meg!

    Yes, it was all modeled in SketchUp. :) Half are from the Enscape asset library while the other half is from the sketchup warehouse that I edit.