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    Considering the fact that for most rhino users, 3.4.4 was the absolute LAST working update, which was released in February 2023, this is extremely disappointing. My firm isnt able to upgrade to rhino 8 (Financial reasons) till at least may 2024. Which would mean that the 3.4.4 update has been used by us for nearly 1.5 years. You can take another look at the most viewed/replied to thread on the rhino enscape forum and truly see how you guys have screwed over your rhino users.

    Also, one more point to note, is that for nearly a whole year, their support team has been asked for all of us to send them the logs and report the issues, send them the files etc. Instead of simply admitting they cannot/will not fix the error on their end, they chose to waste all our collective times in upgrading/downgrading, troubleshooting etc. it baffles me at the sheer downturn of enscape in quality since the chaos group merger. I honestly thought it would improve.

    but, hey, we get to look forward to this "...we are currently working on a major technology change for the software (which you will probably not even notice)..."

    "- There are parts of the Rhino API that we already reported to McNeal that create this particular problem, it's due to an unintended Idle state that causes what you and the others in this thread are seeing. That issue was not fixed even in the latest Rhino 7 or 8 version unfortunately. A member of our team will reach out to our contact at McNeal again to bump this for subsequent Rhino 8 releases."

    Yet 3.4 works just fine. Why wouldn't 3.4 be experiencing similar issues if the Rhino API is to blame? Just asking the obvious question.

    To further add to this last part of my previous post, we're now inching closer to implementing the fixes we were working on.

    Some of which should also find their way into the upcoming service pack Enscape 3.5.4 coming out around the middle of next week particularly in regards to Rhino crashing alongside when the default layer is hidden (which can take a while) and Enscape is closed during that process.

    The long update times when making use of layers will still persist in especially larger scenes, but we're of course in the process of adding a fix for this as well. I'll share another update once I have more specific details available.

    Unfortunately that last part regarding the long update times is the killer...

    It's difficult to understand how this issue persists after several months. I gather that Rhino integration is a very low priority for Chaos/Enscape.

    It's equally surprising that someone would have to go to this forum to know that there is, in fact, a very serious issue with the current release and that the company itself isn't recommending that it be installed.

    It's all very unprofessional, imo.

    Our issue appears to be specific to worksessions. While 3.4 handles worksessions fine, the issue is easily replicated on 3.5+. We have tested this with worksessions referencing files from a server as well as completely local. So it's the same issue regardless of file location and also eliminates any questions of network connectivity being the source of the issue imo

    Just got a Spacemouse and now I am seeing this thread indicating that it won't work with Enscape and Rhino. As there is a setting for the Spacemouse in Enscape, was it unreasonable to think that this was going to work? Even the synced camera view doesn't work with the Spacemouse. I also see that this thread is 3 years old and that it's marked as resolved. Is there hope for Spacemouse integration or not?

    This is actually a big issue since it forces us to explode polysurfaces or model discreet surfaces solely for the use of Enscape. We had intended for Enscape to be part of an iterative design process but it has become, in fact, an obstacle to this intent since we have to cater this this very specific limitation. So, the request is very simple. Please have Enscape respect material mapping from Rhino, specifically sub-object mapping. As a point of reference, V-Ray respects this type of mapping from Rhino as does Lumion.