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    We would use this extensively. We generate a lot of analysis for daylighting and energy within grasshopper and it would be amazing to be able to easily view and render our visual data from grasshopper in Enscape without baking the geometry into Rhino. This would certainly add value to this product for us.

    We have been trying to use Enscape as a final quality control review for our projects for a while, but we have found it somewhat cumbersome to take notes quickly and accurately in a way that makes it easy to distribute to the project team. We just started using this feature and are excited about its potential.

    In the short time we have been using this, we have found that it would be useful to have the ability to export the issues as a PDF (with comments and screenshots) in a summary document (similar to other software that we use for field reports) for distribution within the design team. It would also be useful if the issues could sync across users in Revit without the requirement of paying for an additional plugin, like BIM Track. Currently, the only way we can find to distribute comments within Enscape/Revit is to export the issues as a BCF and import on a different computer.