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    Thank you for submitting a report as requested - Can you please share that company e-mail with me as well so that I can locate the feedback report? Via a direct message due to confidentially.

    If possible it would be ideal if you could indeed also share the corresponding scene with us as you proposed - If you have no way of uploading and providing the file, let me know and I can offer a confidential upload option instead. Should the scene not be too large then something like can be used too.

    I'm awaiting your response and thank you for your cooperation once more in advance.

    Done. Thank you!


    In response to feedback, the issues were attributed to the lack of Vram. It doesn't address the issues because:

    1. Why is 3.4 ok then?

    2. I have 24gb of Vram. The scene isn't THAT big.

    Respectfully, if there is something in 3.5 that gobbles 24gb of Vram and crashes Enscape, I think it should be considered an Enscape issue, not a user issue.


    Sorry it took a bit, I didn't want to break the setup during the workday.

    I submitted the report using the form. It is some Enscape Renderer Error. Note that the report was submitted under a different (company) email.

    The crash occurred on the following combinations:

    Enscape 3.5.1+109642 (latest) and nVidia 512.95 (recommended)

    Enscape 3.5.1+109642 (latest) and nVidia 536.23 (latest)

    Enscape-3.4.4+94564 and nVidia 536.23 (latest) is working.

    Enscape-3.4.4+94564 and nVidia 512.95 (recommended) is working.

    The logical conclusion is that something broke in version 3.5. Enscape launches with an empty model, but no old models would open. If you want, I can also provide the models in question.

    Try this -

    Plan A: Import the SketchUp file to a blank Revit project. Then link the Revit project (containing the imported SU file) to the other Revit project.

    Plan B: Import the SketchUp file to a Generic Revit family. Then load the Revit Generic family (containing the imported SU file) to the other Revit project.

    Just tried both of these options. I got the same error. It's odd because when I launch this model from SketchUp, I have no issues. It's only when I shove it in Revit and try to launch from there I get the error. I wish there was more clarity on what this infinite x enscape is complaining about.


    I have a large Sketchup model that I successfully linked to Revit.

    Upon starting Enscape, I have this gem:

    "Error starting Enscape: x must be a finite number.

    Parameter name: x."

    What's x and how do I curb its infinity? Just to get all the trivial stuff out of the way, Enscape runs fine on my machine, my videocard is RTX 3090, all the drivers/ windows version/ software versions are up-to-date.


    Enscape 3.0 stuck on loading screen in sketchup. Who did what to make it work? I already installed the latest video driver, which solved the problem in the past. Suggestions?

    Edit: the new scene opens - existing scene doesn't.

    Edit 2: forced it to work by copying the old scene into a new one. Enscape sank in graphic artifacts. Looks like more work needs to be done. I'm excited about the new interface, but I'll wait for 3.1.

    A11out , in the very first instance it would be great to receive a feedback report from that machines:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    Just so we can further investigate what could be causing this. Can you also please include a link to this thread in the submission form? :) And you can gladly let me know once you've done so.

    Done! Looks like nobody else has this issue. Or very few people use HTC Vive Pro or Valve Index. Still, it's weird that the issue persists across two computers with two entirely different ecosystems: admin-restricted office computer and free-for-all mine (at some point I thought that the office firewall is to blame). I have far more flexibility to try unorthodox fixes on my home computer (the one from bug report), so I'm looking forward to finding out what might be causing the issue.


    Enscape has a severe issues of missing frames in VR on High-end VR hardware. To this day, the only headset that works fine is HTC Vive. HTC Vive Pro and now also Valve Index are borderline unusable, even on the bare-bones settings, while HTC Vive always shreds the models on maximum quality settings.

    I brought up this issue to Enscape a year or so ago, and it was blamed on my weak computer and dismissed. Below, you can see my "weak" hardware and the settings I tried. All the hardware was also cross-tested, meaning that I plugged all headsets to all computers.

    PC hardware 1:

    Nvidia GeForce 1080ti

    64gb of 2666 ram.

    i7 7820x, 4.4gh

    PC hardware 2:

    Nvidia GeForce 2080ti

    64gb of 3200 ram

    i9 7900x, 3.5gh

    VR hardware tested:

    HTC Vive

    HTC Vive Pro

    Valve Index

    Models tested:

    Complex, simple, and very simple (50mb, no content except for walls).

    Enscape settings tested:

    All of them, including draft.

    VR hardware settings tested:

    Also all of them, including smoothing and reduction of resolution by 75%.

    Once again, it is NOT a performance issue. I can run Enscape on 4k monitor just fine, and none of the hardware, including Valve Index, is even close to 4k. It is NOT the room or the hardware - the games on all headsets, and everything on HTC vive, work with no issues. I also tried two rooms, just in case. I don't know what this is, but debug monitor on Steam VR (that shows missing frames) looks like a heart-attack every time I use Enscape.

    I'm still getting flack from my superiors for getting HTC Vive Pro (the hardware that is supposedly supported) and being unable to use it properly. I thought it's some sort of HTC Vive Pro specific bug, but my personal Valve Index ended up having exactly the same problems.

    I want to know that I'm not crazy and that others have the same problems. I also want this issue to be taken seriously.