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    Is there a way to alter the key-bindings in Enscape? It is extremely uncomfortable to constantly hit K in Video Editor to create a consistent path. Its also very tedious to toggle the '+' while also trying to ensure that the viewer is smooth as well.

    Has anybody figured a way to alter which key these types of things are assigned too?


    Finally after an entire day spent on trying to figure out this problem, I have found a fix for it. Using a Laptop (this is important).

    When using Enscape with my CAD on the laptop screen, and Enscape on the second monitor, it somehow caused for the Engine AND the Assets Library to get stuck on Monitor 2. What might have caused this was a dead battery, because when I got back from lunch the laptop was off, and I had a minor panic hoping that nothing was lost. So when it died, either my laptop or Enscape itself was told to stay on Monitor 2. When the Laptop was booted up again Monitor 2 was not plugged in so it didn't recognize what to do with it. Hence, it just kept the programs acting like they were being blocked, but they were actually opening up on an imaginary second monitor. This is why the two windows I had on that second monitor wouldn't open on the Laptop Monitor.

    I hope that was explained well, but if anyone finds this weird issue happening again at least it's been experienced!

    Hey Everyone,

    I am trying desperately to figure out what is wrong. Enscape does not open the engine itself, nor the asset library. It does open other libraries and menus, but the main engine window and asset library show as white previews when hovering over them in the task bar, and if you click them the windows do not come up at all. I've never experienced this, and Enscape was working perfectly fine just a few hours ago. I closed it to get lunch, came back, tried to open it and this is the result.

    Has anyone else experienced this??

    Sketchup 2019, Latest version of Enscape that came out today.

    I wanna add something to this while we're talking about lights. If there was at all a toggle inside of Enscape itself to turn the artificial lights on and off without having to revert back into the modeling program to manually do it would be awesome. To even have that built in would be badass too for animations...we could then just run a scene twice (one off and one on) to create a more dynamic effect more easily without having to adjust each lighting system or type one independently.

    This may already exist in the program, but I haven't been able to pull it off just yet. What I am essentially trying to do is set multiple animation sequences/paths to animate and render as a batch like you can with photos.

    Effectively, it would be ideal to get the entire animation in one timeline and be able to edit each sequence/path independently off that timeline, animate all sequences together, and have one single file to then export to post editing. This is easier to manage and control quality...being able to possibly preview the entire thing in Video Editor. As well as being able to set all paths beforehand, instead of having to create a path, animate it, and wait for it to animate before starting the next path.

    Again, this may be a feature that already exists but I cannot find out how to accomplish it for the life of me.

    So essentially, you can only import or export material settings in the Asset Editor only, versus also having an export option available in the Material Editor?

    What I'm trying to work around is having to physically re-match every single value for assets that were already edited in the Material Editor and saved as a component, in the Asset Editor. When we import that component via proxy, those values are saved from when the model was edited in the Material Editor and we wouldn't have to adjust anything in the Material Editor ever again. Is it possible to incorporate an option to export Material Packages from the Material Editor, for models that were already done, into the Asset Editor to save redundancy? Otherwise, there is a poor intern who will be importing models into the Asset Editor, and completely re-doing each model from scratch. Like most, there are hundreds if not thousands of models that are saved as individual components...and not all of them use similar material names or values. In total, we lose a week just to process our components as custom objects.

    It's awesome to import your own assets now! For things like Vehicles, where there are maybe tens of assets, all of the prior asset settings are not correlating to the asset creator when importing geometry as a .fbx. Is there a possible work around, where perhaps the material settings used on those assets can imported into the creator, versus having to manually go one-by-one and toggle a ton of separate settings? Even if the model is imported as an fbx, assuming the creator utilizes its own file type when saving it to the library, is it then compatible?

    Or could a possible solution be like the proxies? I know that when say a sketchup model is saved as a component, and imported as a proxy, the settings on materials are kept. Is it possible to preload proxy paths into the Enscape Asset Library, create an option to use a sketchup thumbnail (or import your own thumbnail), and use it like a Palette so that what you need is immediately available and they can be placed much faster (in the same manner as the objects; albeit they will still be import in their proxy cubes).

    One last thing, is is a possibility to add the precise value setting as just clicking on the number and editing it while highlighted? Such as in Photoshop, you can scale the value via a slider as well as just click the value directly and editing it in its own little window.

    I am using Sketchup 2019 Pro and I recently downloaded the latest release. What I am experiencing is that the Instant-Script series from Vali Architects is seemingly getting blocked from being functional by Enscape. It stumped me for an entire day on why the scripts were getting blocked, and by sheer mistake I had uninstalled Enscape, rebooted Sketchup, and the scripts are running appropriately. Reinstalled Enscape and it goes back to gatekeeping ActiveX scripts. The problem results a message at the top of the scripts information that the script is potentially harmful and needs access. But it's directly being inflicted by Enscape.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I though it was IE11, but after pretty much disabling every single option you possibly can with Active X, the scripts were still being blocked.

    I am running into the issue where Enscape will not load at all with models that have Enscape assets. I tried a model that didn't have proxies nor assets, and they both loaded perfectly fine. However, recent models that do have assets and proxies show problems.

    The window for Enscape will load, but then the loading screen will get stuck and never actually move past that point. I've also noticed that the loading bar itself gets to around 60% and disappears. After the loading bar goes away the model is fully editable like it was before running the program, and the loading screen will be active while I edit the model itself. After a few moments that loading screen collapses and the error message shows up to send the data to Enscape.

    After putting all Enscape Assets on a layer and hiding it, the model will finally load up. Upon bringing that layer back, the Enscape viewer won't load the assets at all. Instead, what happens next is a prompt shows up saying that says "Server Busy". I hit the "retry" button on the prompt, and it'll perpetually re-popup the same prompt. The other option is to "switch to", which doesn't affect anything.


    GTX 1080Ti

    i7 7700-K

    If anyone wants to see my model I'm more than happy to share.

    I know that as of current, you can get a Nvidia GTX 1080Ti for relatively cheap money, considering the performance it pushes out with Enscape.

    I used to have a Dell workstation with the exact same card as you. I built a new workstation from scratch with a 1080Ti and alas, my renderings in Ultra process within a couple seconds. Animating a 5 minute video in less than an hour on ultra specifications.

    Although I will be building another station with a Nvidia 2080 RTX, I am still content with the performance I got now. Mind you, my current station is 3-4 years old.

    A lot of clients I’ve come to realize often have a hard time understanding where we are in the model, as an animation plays. I suppose seeing a render or animation for the first time, it’s still an exploration for the client, even though we already know the structure like the back of our hand.

    A map that live-feeds with the actual animating process could be very useful for clients who have a harder time understanding location, albeit, it’d have to be a toggle on and off setting.

    So I am currently working off of a Dell 7810 Workstation at my office. After a few projects testing out Enscape and it's capabilities under my belt, I really want more power! The program is BAD TO THE BONE, but I have noticed that my computer is having some lag and trouble keeping up with the demands of the program.

    I've currently got two options, i've got an HP Z800 (older workstation) sitting at home waiting for me to restore her and use or sell. As well, I'm also eye-balling the market to see what is out there for a newer and more powerful rendering/modeling home machine. What types of systems are you guys running with, and if anybody has suggestions on upgrading the Z800 that'd be cool too! My budget overall is sitting from the low-ball of 1k to around 2500 total cap.


    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot, figured I can post it where other users are running similar setups with the same programs. 8)