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    marckleinmann It's been a few years, are you still using the ASUS or have you moved on to something else? Definitely feeling the slowness of a GTX 1080 Max Q in my Alienware. The RTX 5000 in the ProArt series looks interesting, but it doesn't seem like they are really shipping.

    Agree with you , RTX 5000 is just amazing. It offers 8 Giga rays/sec which i like the most. And i am mad to purchase it after watching its specs. But i can't find it in my town then I found a shop near my friend residence who are offering it But they are not shipping it and my friend also denied to ship it due to Covid crisis. Struggling to find a shipping service who will do so. Then comes the man - Steve who was a special care item runner on Citizenshipper shipping service. He done my work with reasonable pricing and with maintaining proper precautions. And i felt lucky my self after getting my RTX 5000.

    But i am struggling a little bit in placing it in my PC. As this was my first time to install a graphic card. So can you help me by giving any reference to how to do so ?