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    Can someone teach me how to use Normail Map in Enscape????

    How many map I use??

    Where is the Normail Map Button??

    It's not advertised at all, but when you use a normal map in the bump map texture slot in Sketchup (through the Enscape material editor), it correctly identifies it as a normal map and you'll see the name change from bump map to normal map. For Revit, I believe it's the same process (inputting the normal into the bump map slot), though obviously Revit has it's own built in material editor.

    The new lighting is cool, and the asset library does seem to be faster, but it could still be a lot better. At least it's not painful to use anymore. Looking forward to more high quality vegetation (with wind!) Hope that's in the works next...

    Also, it could just be me, but the GI feels less contrasty than it used to be. I had to turn down Ambient brightness further to get the same effect. In theory, a room should be pitch black if there are no light sources in it, but that doesn't seem to happen anymore (I could have sworn that was the case in some of the prior releases, the 1.9 previews leading up to 2.0 come to mind)

    Welcome to our forum! :) We are actually in the development process of the first animation feature which will make vegetation and such move in the wind. Afterward we'll have people animated looking at their phones and such for example, to make them feel a bit more organic - as a final step we'll implement a dedicated animation system which will allow you to create your own paths.

    In this case the 1. point will indeed be developed first I'm afraid. :) This will generally be less complex to implement compared to having dedicated animations via keyframes, but this is also just a matter of time until it's gonna be available. :)

    That's great news! Tree animations, leaves etc. will really help bring our movies to life (hopefully that comes along with some more high quality vegetation models ;) ) It would also be nice to have the option of leaving animation on or off in the realtime viewport. I realize the reason it's disabled now (for water) is that it allows the image to converge/ resolve. Like in VR (where everything needs to update constantly), it would be nice to have an option to leave animation on, even though it means things like reflections will be a little blurry.

    The assets they have from Megascans are reallllly nice. Wish we had trees and plants of that quality, though the ones from Evermotion are quite good, there just aren't very many of them. The auto aging feature is pretty snazzy as well (when you resize vegetation in Twinmotion 2020, the leaves and branches grow proportionally, maturing like a real tree)

    Really nice section. Only comment is the attics almost appear to be glowing, just based on everything else being illustrated. Perhaps a darker color would be less distracting, or adding a section cut line to make it read more clearly as white paper space.

    People keep mentioning the 2080 as though it's the best, but the 2080ti is 34% faster. If you want the best performance in VR, it can't be beat (other than the Titan RTX, but it's more than twice as expensive and only 11% faster, though it does have considerably more VRAM). And then there's the forthcoming 3000 series that will likely be coming out later this year, which could be worth waiting for.

    We may add parallax occlusion mapping at some point of time. The problem with tessellation is that it's hard to author. If your mesh triangularization (or normals) is slightly broken, it will result in crazy shape artifacts.

    Though I'd bet the type of folks that are likely to use displacement maps would be savvy enough to figure that out, just like right now the only people using normal maps are those that are comfortable editing materials. The ideal would be to have a material that can successfully turn a corner, like a brick wall, without just being flat (parallax occlusion), or breaking. That said, parallax occlusion is certainly better than nothing at all, and would be great for large surfaces.

    I will say that having opened the asset library a few times in Sketchup now, it does seem to finally come up quickly when I open it. The process of getting there in the first place was pretty agonizing though. I still like the idea of having the library live in the cloud that way you can continuously update it, but whatever needs to happen to get the icons to load immediately should happen in the background and/or upon installing Enscape, that way you never have to wait for it the first time. Or if waiting is unavoidable due to huge file sizes, at least tell people that explicitly the first time they launch the asset library, that way it's clear that it's not supposed to take that long to load everytime. You could even give people the option to install it separately, and I think they'd prefer that to the way it happens now.

    Brushed/non glossy metals are one of the areas where raytracing falls short because the number of samples needed to resolve an image is just too many to compute in realtime. I believe the issue is related to the roughness value causing too much light to scatter. In Unreal, people overcome this by clamping it at a certain level, which artificially results in more glossy (or no) reflections, but solves the noisiness issue.

    Actual displacement/tesselation appears to yield better results than parallax occlusion (particularly when it comes to accurate lighting), but I'm not very familar with either technique. Also this reminds me of the need for rounded edges. Is that also on the (tentative) agenda Demian?

    Has there been any progress on this issue? There certainly appear to be more people experiencing it than just me, but I have to imagine there would be more of an uproar if it loaded this slowly for everyone. We have a very fast internet connection here at work (200 mbs +) so that's not the problem, but perhaps our network settings are somehow stifling it. Until recently, I was having the same issue with the forums loading extrememly slowly, and IT was able to fix that, so I'll see what they can do about this.