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    No probs,

    As soon as I get to the office in the morning I'll post it up here.

    I think it might use emissive material combined with point light but it was a while ago so will need to check.

    Cheers, Steve

    Have you also made sure that you're using the latest graphics card drivers? If you have a chance and time feel free to try that out, otherwise you can also just wait for a response from my team which will assist you further via your feedback report to give you further information regarding why you experience these crashes. Thanks for sending in the Feedback!

    I'll try that but think I'm up to date - will post back if that was the issue


    Downloaded and installed latest graphics card drivers.

    Uninstalled Enscape.

    Reinstalled 3.1.0.

    Tested and still have same issue - crashing when selecting scenes from view manager.

    I'll revert to 3.0.2

    agree with all of the above 100%.

    even with the method I use it's not easy to do. I have to click the Timestamp Checkbox and quickly get to the counter to adjust the time but it often disappears before I can get to it. :/

    I too preferred previous versions of the Video Editor and Preset Management.

    It should be much easier to set total duration of the video at any time (often the option is greyed out) ?(. I'd rather the total length of the video controlled the speed rather than the Distance Travelled divided by Speed dictating the overall time if that makes sense.

    Only way to make the video longer is to make the camera move further or adjust movement speed in a different window. It should be that you can just add a couple secs to make the camera movement slower. Also this should allow for different movement speeds between different key frames.

    Hopefully this is all being addressed by the Enscape Team?

    I've managed to achieve this without a workaround but it is a bit awkward.

    I opened video editor and created 3 x key frames using the + on the timeline.

    Next I set total duration to 8secs.

    I then click 1st keyframe and update.

    Click 2nd keyframe and update.

    Click 3rd keyframe and move the camera - update.

    At this point keyframes 1 & 2 move on top of each other with a message 1 & 2 occupy same point in time.

    Using the < > buttons you can select keyframe 2 then change the timestamp to 5secs.

    On the attached example I added a little sun movement using Time Of Day just so you can see the camera is recording while sitting in the same place between frames 1 & 2.

    1st attachment is the animation. 2nd is the video path .xml

    so if I've set up a Preset for a scene but then find it's not quite working for the next scene - rather than click create preset (which resets everything to default) I right click and select duplicate then give it a new name. That way all of the existing settings are carried over and you can make minor adjustments as necessary.

    No need to save the visual settings this is automatic. Any changes you make to visual settings while a preset is open are saved automatically.

    It's hard to describe the workflow but if you are still struggling I can maybe post some screenshots?

    I agree - I found 3.0 strange to begin with but once I discovered the "duplicate preset" button it clicked for me.

    Hi - Just wondering if anyone has found a good work around to render an animation which transitions between 2 sketchup sections. Eg from ground floor section to first floor in rendered animation.

    It sometimes displays nicely with synchronised views in the preview window but can't figure a way to render as animation.

    Think this is already on the development wish list.

    Thanks, steve.


    I think rather than emissive material painted inside those light models you would be better using an array of Enscape Spot Lights.

    Emissive Materials are good to make something look like it is a light but they are not designed to illuminate something far away.

    Use Enscape Objects to add spot lights. If you copy the first one you add then the others will have same properties when you adjust beam angle, power etc.

    Hope this helps.