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    Hi Kaj,

    I have some further observations on this particular issue.

    I've tried to make some tests to better check the behaviour of the light fixtures.

    If I move on the vertical axis the fixtures of the model I already sent you, I see that the light effect changes a lot in relation to the height of the fixtures.

    Here is the effect when the lights are at the ground level (starting point):

    Here is the effect at 2m and 5m height:


    As you can see, the more the height, the more the light effect gets better.

    As a final test, here is the effect when lights are turned downwards:

    As you can see, here the light effect is optimal.

    So, here is my question: considering that the height of the fixture seems to be the only variable in the light effect, isn't there any way to fix the algorithm so the behaviour is always the same and not dependent on the height?


    Personally I have just tried Enscape v.2.6 on the same model of my first post, and I think the situation has a lot improved.

    Now the light effect is this:


    Not perfect, but definitely acceptable, especially if confronted with v 2.1.


    I've inserted in my Revit model some custom families of "architectural" lighting fixtures (by a lighting fixtures manufacturer).

    This lighting fixture is intended to be installed inground and to be used for illuminating vertical surfaces and facades with a grazing/wall-washing effect.

    Just to give you an example of the fixture possible effect, see the following rendered view:

    Enscape v2.6 renders the light emitted by the ies files for this specific use in a very unproper way:
    As you can see in the picture below, the light emission is cut very low on the facade, while to be correct it should reach a much bigger height on the wall.


    I had already tried before to make the same task with a previous version of Enscape (v the result wasn't perfect but still acceptable (see image below).

    Is there any way to improve this?

    I mean, without in the meanwhile losing quality on the light effects of other types of outdoor lighting - e.g. road lighting, which has improved a lot from v2.1 to v.2.6.

    Any feedback is highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.


    thanks for your quick answer.

    I've tried what you suggest, incrementing (a lot) the "Initial Intensity" parameter (luminous flux and power), but the effect in Enscape doesn't seem to be changing very much (at an height of 8 meters, the light still doesn't reaches the ground).

    I suppose for now I have to offset the photometric ies file from the 3d geometry of the fixture.

    May I ask if the release of version 2.2 is already scheduled and for when?

    Thanks a lot.



    I've inserted some custom families of road lighting fixtures (by a lighting fixtures manufacturer) in a Revit project.

    I've found out a really strange behavior in the way Enscape renders the light emitted by the ies files.

    As you can see in PICTURE 1 / 2 below, the fixture is set at a certain height from the ground (8 meters), and NO light in reaching the ground.

    But still the fixture is emitting light (as you can see from the lit pole).



    So I tried to change the fixture's offset from the ground.

    At 1m height, the correct shape of the light emission is clearly visible (see PICTURE 3 below):


    At 3 meters height, the real shape begins to "disappear" (see PICTURE 4):


    At 6 meters height, the light on the ground has lost its real shape; now it is nearly round ( seePICTURE 5):


    This behavior seems to me to be incorrect and not realistic.

    I've made the same trials with other .ies files, but the result is always the same.

    It would be really important to me if this issue is fixed, because otherwise I won't be able to use Enscape with Revit models of external area (fixtures on high poles).

    Have you already accounted this issue? Have you already scheduled the fixing of this problem?

    Thanks a lot.


    I have inserted some custom lighting fixtures (made by a lighting fixtures manufacturer) in a Revit project. As you can see in PICTURE 1 (see below), the fixtures emit light (see the lit tables below) but the circular emitting surface in not lit on the 3D model of the fixture.

    PICTURE 1 - Enscape real-time rendering

    I've checked the family and found out that the "Emit Shape Visible in Rendering" parameter is switched ON for the mentioned family (see PICTURE 2 below).
    Is that parameter supposed to have any effect on the rendering in Enscape?

    Is there any possibility to see the "Emit shape" in Enscape real-time rendering or not?

    I've tried all the different options in Enscape setting tabs but couldn't find any solution...

    The only further option I can see is to manually edit every family by replacing the diffuser material of the fixture with a self-illuminating material...

    Could you please tell me if there is any other solution or if you are planning to fix this issue?

    Thanks a lot.