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    Thanks, Ted. I found a thread from 2020 where a user seemed to have success, but it required placing all of the standard Enscape assets into a model and then relocating the Local>Temp asset folder. I've tried this and haven't had success quite yet so my thought was Enscape had streamlined this process. It seems, however, they may have done just the opposite and restricted customization of official Enscape assets.

    Hi there and apologies if this is common knowledge or posted elsewhere, but I haven't been successful in finding clear information on the topic.

    Is it possible to bring Enscape assets into the custom asset manager to change materials/colors/etc.? The Enscape assets are great, but there are some grasses and shrubs that render in yellow-ish tones and I am hoping to adjust them to more green-ish. For example Bush 030: Grass is a great asset, but not being able to control the color limits its use. Currently we are adjusting colors in post-production in PS or Affinity, but it would be nice to save that step if it's possible.

    Any insight would be great. Thank you!

    I've been getting this issue from one panorama in my model. All of the other panoramas have uploaded correctly, but each time I create a panorama from this view, it will not upload. I've also created different views near the location of the panorama causing the issues and have received the same error.

    Is there a reason this could be happening? The view is the only one that is rendering grass, but other than that, all of the materials and features are the same.

    Thanks for your help.