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    Hello forum,

    I updated to Enscape 3.0 and I have to say it looks great. Unfortunately I had several run-ins with it. It seemed as though Revit would - after say 10-15 minutes - stop responding to most commands. I could save the project but that was about it? Couldn't execute and commands, draw anything, switch/open/close views. Basically my only option was to save and force quit. I repeated this several times, same results. It hadn't 'frozen' completely, could still click buttons and everything, it was just unresponsive... more or less the same thing right?

    I've reverted to V2.9.1 and might wait until the next update before I try again. Things are running otherwise normal now I've reverted.

    Has anyone else experienced this?



    Hi Demian

    I've already got another recent ticket on the go (I think the reference number is 00814698? - 'Enacpe Loading Screen Stuck (Update)'...typo mine) for which I've provided log files + feedback report. Lautaro Hunzicker responded to this and is merging this case with a previous related case. Hopefully these log files might be useful? The asset issue has been concurrent so not sure if fresh log files would be useful or not.

    I've got the latest version of Enscape and updated graphics drivers.



    I have an issue with Revit freezing every now and then when placing a new asset for the first time, say every 5 or 10 items.

    It used to be that I could wait 10 minutes, go away and do something else (like write this post!), come back and it would be running again. Now sometimes with larger models the freeze seems to be indefinite (maybe I'll wait 30 minutes and it'll work...? not feasible).

    Really annoying and it's making me paranoid when placing asset library items. I'm saving often but even then it's loss of productivity having to force close, open back up, start Enscape again, load the asset library, get back into it and so on... It doesn't seem to be specific assets, ie. when I load it back up and go to place that same asset again, it works.

    Sorry if anyone's already posted about this, I had a look and couldn't see any of the more recent posts raising this specific issue.