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    Hi, I've downloaded VW SP1 and latest Enscape. On opening VW it doesn't seem to recognise that I have Enscape on the system and doesn't show the usual Enscape tool options. Anyone else having this issue and know how to get VW to 'find' Enscape?

    Hi Julian,

    The assets are set to class 'none' which is the same as the other elements of the design (Vectorworks 3d shapes like the slabs etc). When I changed the 'none' class to visible in VW it has now started showing in Enscape too, so thanks for that, this has worked to resolve the issue.


    I'm drafting a garden design at the moment. I dropped a few Enscape assets into my model to see how they looked and to get a sense of scale. I can see them in VW, but when I launch Enscape itself they aren't showing. I've never experienced this before - any idea what's going wrong? I've attached screenshots of both. I put a tree and a person, neither of which are showing.

    Quick question for clarification:
    Just as an visual effect? So that it snows/rains in the scene? Or do you mean adding assets (plants) in a specific season? ('both' is not an aswer ;))

    I was thinking more the former, although it wouldn't harm to have some season specific assets. For example in Twinmotion, they have 4 of each tree for each different season (bare winter, autumn colours, spring new growth and full bloom summer). But yes, mostly I was thinking the ability to have snow on the ground, or rain with ground 'wetness' showing.

    For me (garden designer, using Landscape VW instance)

    - Clipped cube/Section models as per thecadman's post above. This is something I'm actively struggling with at the moment as I need to provide some side-on elevations, but can't render them in Enscape. For me personally this is no. 1 missing functionality to be addressed.

    - More plant assets. There are currently a lot of large trees in the asset library, and also house plants, but as a domestic garden designer there is little for me to use. I end up having to bring things in from 3D warehouse into VW (sadly VW's own plants are also quite limited, but also not true 3D models); some of these 3D warehouse models are very high polygon and so it really slows rendering down vs using Enscape's own ones, thus it would be better if there was more choice within the Enscape library. (also I like how Enscape plants move in the wind, but obviously imported ones don't, so again more reason to want more Enscape ones in the library)

    - Weather effects and seasons, as per some of your competitors would also be good.

    Overall I really like Enscape and being able to real-time update in VW which much better than some of the competition, but there are a few more things which would just make it that much better overall.

    Hi all,

    I'm interested in creating a few custom assets in Enscape, using existing 3D models which I've taken from 3D warehouse to use in Vectorworks. Currently I do this by downloading and then importing a sketchup model into VW directly, which works fine, albeit it can be rather graphics-card-heavy to render the high poly models.

    I see from the recent Enscape blog ( that assets can be brought into Enscape to be added to the custom library, but only in certain file formats. So my question is, does anyone know a easy way to convert something from being a Sketchup model file to one of the file types accepted by Ensacpe (.obj, GLTF or FBX)? I don't have a Sketchup licence, so I can't open items from 3D warehouse in there and save as something else. And I can't see a way to take something out of VW into those formats, unless I'm missing something.

    If anyone else has figured out how to do this then it would be great to hear.


    Hi all,

    As part of a project I need to provide some 2D elevations of a design as well as the usual 3D views. I've created the basis of my model in VW and now trying to experiment with elevations, but I'm struggling to get anything to work. If I use the suggested method in the Enscape how to guide ( by cutting a 3D section in the model then the resulting section in VW exists as a grouped object with no textures, which then of course have no textures in Enscape either.

    I've tired some other ways of doing it, such as clip cube in VW, which keeps the textures in VW, but is ignored by Enscape and just renders the whole model.

    Normally elevations in VW would be done using an elevation line and then it appears in a viewport, but that isn't in any way render-able in Enscape as far as I can tell.

    Has anyone figured out a way of creating elevations in VW with Enscape?



    I've recently upgraded to VW 2021, and also Enscape 2.9 (as that's the only version to work with VW2021).

    For some reason brick render doesn't show up on walls. I've add screenshot below.

    Other non-wall type surfaces seem to render ok, for example if I put grass render on a slab, or even brick render on a slab. It seems to be a specific issue with walls.

    Is this a known issue?


    Hi, I'd love to see more plant assets for Vectorworks version. As a garden designer for often relatively small and urban gardens, having loads of huge mature trees isn't that helpful, but I'd love to see more things like commonly used shrubs, perennials, even bulbs, and for trees more small garden trees and 'standard' form trees like olive trees and oleander. Things that come to mind in small plants are things like lavender, hydrangeas, alliums, hostas, agapathus, iris, tulips etc. i.e. things you commonly see in domestic gardens.

    Would also be great to have some 'generic' trees shaped in pleached form for garden privacy.



    I've just started using Enscape for VW (2020 edition). I've dropped one of the Enscape trees into my VW garden design. It looks nice, but it's a bit too large for what I had in mind and was hoping to just resize it down a little bit. Is this possible in Vectorworks? I can't seem to find a way to do it.